The Nicholas Family/ Family Session/ Maternity Session/ Cheyenne Wyoming/ Love & Honey Photography

Nicholas boy number 4 is almost here!  His brothers love to talk to him every day.  In fact they count to 3 and at the same time all say, “hello baby”.  They are going to be the “bestest” friend brothers.  It’s all ready fun to watch them interact and play together.  Congratulations Nicholas family!  I can’t wait to meet Mr Baby number 4.

Love & Honey Photography-2598Love & Honey Photography-2605Love & Honey Photography-2606Love & Honey Photography-2609Love & Honey Photography-2627Love & Honey Photography-2656Love & Honey Photography-2674Love & Honey Photography-2687Love & Honey Photography-2895Love & Honey Photography-2705Love & Honey Photography-2733Love & Honey Photography-2739Love & Honey Photography-2747Love & Honey Photography-2760Love & Honey Photography-2790Love & Honey Photography-2843Love & Honey Photography-2906Love & Honey Photography-2859Love & Honey Photography-2872Love & Honey Photography-2886Love & Honey Photography-2668

Bill & Barbara’s Vow Renewal/ Spokane Washington Wedding Photographer/ Saint Joseph’s Catholic Church/ Love & Honey Photography

Bill and Barbara decided to renew their vows after 34 years of marriage.  It was such a beautiful little service.  I loved getting to be in the background listening.  Barbara prepared a scripture passage for each family member to read.  They took turns reading their Bible passages and speaking blessings over each other.  I can’t imagine a more meaningful thing for a family to come together and do.  It was absolutely beautiful.  Bill and Barbara had the biggest smiles for their big day.  I loved watching them look in each other’s eyes.  Their hearts one heart after so many years together.  Bill laughed and smiled and Barbara had the most sweet humble spirit.  I really enjoyed getting to know them even if it was just for a moment.  Such a beautiful family.

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Maya’s Birthday Session

She’s a tween!  The space between child and teenager.  The time in her life where she loves make-up and lip gloss.  She loves to wear dresses or leggings and a t-shirt.  There is no in-between.  She still wants to look at the Barbies in the toy isle.  She kind of even wants one, but she hasn’t played with a Barbie in awhile.  She is hovering in between.  Her smile, her beautifully sweet heart, her kindness to others those things are following her as she becomes a teenager.  I’m looking forward to adventures with her, outings for chocolate, trips to the mall, hiking, laughing while we watch a movie.  All of the different little connections that come with the teenage years.  She is my buddy and I am hers.  I love this girl, and I’m so thankful I get to be her mom.

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The White House Wedding and Event Center

This is a favorite from this wedding.  People were driving by and honking, and the bridal party was excited and screaming back.  I think it’s one of my favorite moments of the day.  Not to mention Coeur d’ Alene was just beautiful that day.

Love & Honey Photography-6601

Derek & Maggie’s Session/ Loon Lake, Washington/ Washington Photographer/ Love & Honey Photography

Derek and Maggie are some of my favorite people.  I love how much fun they have together.  They are always laughing and smiling when I see them.  I’ve also seen them have a servants heart for their friends.  So, it’s always fun when I get to meet up with them and do a session.  They have a love that I enjoy capturing in photos.

Love & Honey Photography-0986Love & Honey Photography-1004Love & Honey Photography-1050Love & Honey Photography-1075Love & Honey Photography-1082Love & Honey Photography-1134Love & Honey Photography-1178Love & Honey Photography-1295Love & Honey Photography-1369Love & Honey Photography-1385Love & Honey Photography-1396

“Here’s my love letter
For worse or better
You have my heart
Forever!”  – J.J. Heller

Love & Honey Photography-1429

A Beautiful Wedding in Emmett Idaho/Emmett Idaho Wedding Photographer/ Wedding Photographer/Love & Honey Photography

Love & Honey Photography-7741The day unfolded like a fairy tale.  There were beautiful paths through the garden’s with light filtering in through the trees.  The bride and groom walked down a wooded path to their ceremony.  They said, “I do’s” and kissed under the canopy of leaves.  Then all enjoyed talking and dancing under the lights that twinkled.  It was like a magical start lit ending to their perfect day.Love & Honey Photography-7116Love & Honey Photography-7045Love & Honey Photography-7184Love & Honey Photography-7388Love & Honey Photography-7196Love & Honey Photography-7409Love & Honey Photography-7586Love & Honey Photography-7593Love & Honey Photography-7643Love & Honey Photography-7660Love & Honey Photography-7774Love & Honey Photography-7892Love & Honey Photography-7855Love & Honey Photography-7843Love & Honey Photography-7874Love & Honey Photography-7906Love & Honey Photography-7908Love & Honey Photography-7860Love & Honey Photography-7697Love & Honey Photography-7711Love & Honey Photography-7748Love & Honey Photography-7684Love & Honey Photography-8151Love & Honey Photography-8175Love & Honey Photography-8179Love & Honey Photography-8182Love & Honey Photography-8204Love & Honey Photography-8307Love & Honey Photography-8284Love & Honey Photography-8365Love & Honey Photography-8357Love & Honey Photography-8215Love & Honey Photography-8293Love & Honey Photography-8236Love & Honey Photography-8349Love & Honey Photography-8252Love & Honey Photography-8373Love & Honey Photography-8389Love & Honey Photography-7718Love & Honey Photography-8485Love & Honey Photography-8460Love & Honey Photography-8569Love & Honey Photography-8572Love & Honey Photography-7216Love & Honey Photography-8587Love & Honey Photography-8490Love & Honey Photography-9092Love & Honey Photography-9073Love & Honey Photography-9045Love & Honey Photography-9040Love & Honey Photography-9058Love & Honey Photography-9171Love & Honey Photography-8696Love & Honey Photography-8667Love & Honey Photography-8703Love & Honey Photography-8710Love & Honey Photography-9721Love & Honey Photography-9949Love & Honey Photography-9991Love & Honey Photography-9643Love & Honey Photography-9779Love & Honey Photography-8672

Gideon is 3 Months Old/ Spokane Washington Family Photographer/ Love & Honey Photography

Oh those baby cheeks!  Don’t you just want to kiss him?  Sissy sure does.  He isn’t always very sure he wants sissy kisses though. lol.  These two are just the cutest.

“How do you spell love?” – Piglet.      “You don’t spell it you feel it.” – Pooh


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