The Rumann Family/Loon Lake Washington/Family Photographer/Love and Honey Photography

The moments when you can all be together again under one roof.  Those are the moments to celebrate.  One big happy family laughing, teasing, joking with each other. The sound of joy filled the air.  The littles, bundled up warm in their cute outfits, and out we went to take a beautiful session right outside their own back door.  All the while the snow fell quietly to the ground all around them.  They were back together again.

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The Snyder Family/Spokane Washington/Family Photographer/Love and Honey Photography

Family is not an important thing. It’s everything!   – Michael J Fox

The air was crisp on this winter day.  Everyone was home for the holidays.  Together again teasing each other, laughing and enjoying the precious time while they were all under one roof again.  They met my daughters in a park.  It was quiet as a park is in the winter.  Only the sound of the water flowing by.  Until the session began, and then the sound of laughter and playful banter floated along the air.  Each person teasing another as they set up for different shots.  I wish I had been able to meet them.  I had to learn from both of my daughter’s stories how fun this family was.  I quizzed them on how everything went.  I was home laid up with the flu.  A first for me to not be able to shoot my own session. As I sat down to download all of the pictures they had taken.  I was so happy to see beautiful images of the Snyder family.  I enjoyed every story of them teasing each other and laughing.  If there were ever a session I would choose to send my daughter on, who has never done a session, it was this one.  They were gracious, fun loving and kind.  On top of that my daughter, Hannah, was able to bless them with pictures while everyone was home for the holidays.  In return they blessed her with laughter and a relaxed fun session.  Thank you Snyder Family!


A Session with Santa/Loon Lake Washington/Love and Honey Photography

This little session was shot little before Christmas.  I can’t help but post it, because it’s just so cute.  How often does Santa come to visit and hang out for the day?  These two lucky littles spent the morning having fun with him.  They talked about presents, giggled, took a walk, read a book out in the snow and enjoyed hot cocoa when they came back in. A morning with Santa all to themselves, and boy did they have fun!


The McCoy’s Maternity Session/Loon Lake Washington/Maternity Session/Love and Honey Photography

Baby Kaylee is almost here, and Mommy and Daddy are barely containing their excitement.  Their baby girl will soon be here to hold.  They are so in love with her already.  I love their book they will read to her, God Gave Us You.  It can’t be said any better.  What a blessing!


Clay & Brittany’s Wedding Day/Northeastern 18/Sterling Colorado Wedding/Love & Honey Photography

The clouds rolled in and rain fell from the skies.  Clay and Brittany’s out door wedding plans changed quickly.  I watched as both adjusted easily to the situation.  Their beautiful day rolled along like it was meant to be indoors.  The bride continued to smile sweetly and enjoy every moment of her day.  The groom and his groomsmen played a round of golf in the rain before coming in.  I greatly admire these two.  They rolled through the day with grace and smiles.  Accepting the changes of the day.  What a sweet way to begin a marriage. Just happy to be together.


Mitch & Lexy’s Engagement/Deer Park Washington Engagement/Engagement Photographer/Love & Honey Photography

Love is two tiny seeds planted deep inside two hearts.  As it begins to take root it shoots out tiny tendrils all through the soul.  These vines curl and twist eventually catching on to the other person’s soul vines.  Together they shoot up creating one single tree.  Two loves, two starts, become one tree.  As the tree grows through out life it will twist and turn it will grow great limbs.  With care and tending it will become a beautiful solid oak.  To separate the vines that began is impossible without harming the tree, and this is the beauty and the pain of love.  The two will become one (Mark 10:8).

Congratulations Mitch and Lexy may your journey be full of adventures together, may your love grow into a grand oak and may your love be blessed by the presence of the Lord in you midst.2017-12-20_00132017-12-20_00142017-12-20_00152017-12-20_00162017-12-20_00172017-12-20_00182017-12-20_00192017-12-20_00202017-12-20_00212017-12-20_00222017-12-20_00232017-12-20_00242017-12-20_00252017-12-20_00262017-12-20_00272017-12-20_00282017-12-20_00292017-12-20_00302017-12-20_00312017-12-20_00322017-12-20_00332017-12-20_00342017-12-20_0035

Tony & Molly’s Wedding/ Spokane Washington Wedding/ Spokane Washington Wedding Photographer/ Love & Honey Photography

They looked into each others eyes and they said, “I do”, and that was the beginning of two lives joined together.  They kissed, and then holding hands they walked down the isle.  Their eyes were alight with the joy of the moment.  Everyone attending was excited for this beautiful couple.  The day may have had a few twists and turns. It’s possible the chapel was locked at one point while everyone was out side.  It’s possible the groomsmen had to push someone through the window to unlock the church.  These are not the things that make the day though.  They are the memories to laugh about later.  The real moments are the beautiful ones, the reasons we gather together when two people join hands in marriage and say, I will love you forever.  It is a time of celebration.  A time for joy and merriment.  A time to dance, a time to laugh, a time to dream dreams, a time to enjoy family, these are the beautiful moments that really make the wedding day perfect.  This day was perfect.  Perfectly and uniquely Tony and Molly’s wedding day.  Congratulations and may your lives be full of many many more beautiful moments together!2017-12-19_00012017-12-19_00022017-12-19_00032017-12-19_00042017-12-19_00052017-12-19_00062017-12-19_00072017-12-19_00082017-12-19_00092017-12-19_00102017-12-19_00112017-12-19_00122017-12-19_00132017-12-19_00142017-12-19_00152017-12-19_00162017-12-19_00172017-12-19_00182017-12-19_00192017-12-19_00202017-12-19_00212017-12-19_00222017-12-19_00232017-12-19_00242017-12-19_00252017-12-19_00262017-12-19_00272017-12-19_00282017-12-19_00292017-12-19_00302017-12-19_00312017-12-19_00322017-12-19_00332017-12-19_00342017-12-19_00352017-12-19_00362017-12-19_00372017-12-19_00382017-12-19_00392017-12-19_00402017-12-19_00412017-12-19_00422017-12-19_00432017-12-19_00442017-12-19_00452017-12-19_00462017-12-19_00472017-12-19_00482017-12-19_00492017-12-19_00502017-12-19_00512017-12-19_00522017-12-19_00532017-12-19_00542017-12-19_00552017-12-19_00562017-12-19_00572017-12-19_00582017-12-19_00592017-12-19_00602017-12-20_00012017-12-20_00022017-12-20_00032017-12-20_00042017-12-20_00052017-12-20_00062017-12-20_00072017-12-20_00082017-12-20_00092017-12-20_00102017-12-20_00112017-12-20_0012

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