Kris & Miranda’s Wedding/Coeur d’Alene Idaho/The White House/Love & Honey Photography

Kris and Miranda were married at the White House in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.  It was a beautiful day. Their perfect plan unfolded into the moment they had been waiting for.  Every detail coming together to make their day unique and their own, from the beautiful White House, to the limousine they left in and all the moments filled with family and friends in-between.  Congratulations Kris and Miranda, and thank you for allowing me to  join you and record this moment in your lives.


A Visit With the Nicholas Boys/Cheyenne Wyoming/Love & Honey Photography

As soon as I saw you I knew a grand adventure was about to happen.          -Pooh

It is always a grand adventure visiting the Cheyenne Nicholas family.  Last time I had to be Balto and hide under the table in my cave with Jackson and Carter, who were also Balto.  This time I was the troll and Jackson was the billy goat gruff.  That involved me saying he couldn’t cross the bridge.  He then would head butt me in the leg and I would dramatically fall to the ground. Carter just randomly yells, SKUNK GHOST! Which is followed by lots of running from imaginary stinky Skunk Ghosts.  These boys think up the most entertaining games.

Grandpa got in on it sometimes too.  He also had fun reading to the boys.  The boys loved him to pieces big beard and all, especially when he brought home dried fruit to share.  Mom let us make a big mess in the kitchen when we made cookies.  She also let the boys suck on these huge suckers just so Grandma could get them to hold still for a few minutes.

I love visiting Jarred and Christina and their boys.  There is never a dull moment, and life is full of hugs and sticky fingers and dirt and wrestling and creative games to play.  I can’t wait for Thanksgiving when I get to have all of my grand babies in one place.  Oh the fun we will have pretending then.


Chris & Jessica’s Gender Reveal/ It’s a Girl!/Cheyenne Wyoming/Love & Honey Photography

Little girl number 2 is coming to this sweet family soon!  Jessica chose to not find out if she was having a girl or a boy at her ultrasound.  Instead she had the doctor put it in an envelope.  Her friend ordered the confetti cannons, and they all met in the park for a little gender reveal party.  On the count of 3 they twisted the cannons and poof out flew pink and white confetti everywhere (all biodegradable of course). It’s a girl!!!  Afterwards everyone had hot apple cider and cookies.  It was such a cute party.  Congratulations Chris and Jessica!!!


Baby Tyson is Here!/Newborn Session/Cheyenne Wyoming/Love & Honey Photography

This little bundle of tiny cuteness has arrived.  Little Tyson James, the James after his Great Grandpa, whose birthday he was born on.  Tyson has two older brothers, brothers who adore him completely.  Some day when he can talk he will call me Grandma.  I can’t say how sweet it is to be a grandma to these 3 cuties.  Congratulations Nicholas family on your sweet new arrival.


Derek & Nikole’s Wedding/Lowe’s Neck of the Woods/Look Lake Washington/Love & Honey Photography

Derek and Nikole were married on a beautiful summer day at Lowe’s Neck of the Woods, in Loon Lake, Washington.  They joined their lives together as one.  Committing to be the love of each other’s life.  Their family and friends joined them celebrating the day with yard games, a s’more bar and dancing late into the night.  It was a beautiful day with a lovely group of people.


Lilly is 3!/Loon Lake Washington/Family Photographer/Love & Honey Photography

Birthdays are exciting!  Maybe one of the most exciting things about being little.  Lilly turned 3 and she is having the time of her life.  She loves to play and run and jump.  She loves her mommy and daddy and her baby sister Emma.  2017-10-03_00132017-10-03_00162017-10-03_00172017-10-03_00182017-10-03_00202017-10-03_00212017-10-03_00222017-10-03_00232017-10-03_00142017-10-03_00152017-10-03_00242017-10-03_00252017-10-03_00262017-10-03_00272017-10-03_00282017-10-03_00292017-10-03_0019

Cousins!/Chewelah Washington/Family Photographer/Love & Honey Photography

What could be better than when we are all together.  Cousin time is the best time!  These kiddos had a blast playing in Chewelah Creek during their family session.  Grandpa and Grandma got in on a couple of the pictures too.  It was a perfect warm day for a lot of fun, and this little group is good at having fun!


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