The Nicholas Family Session/Casper, Wyoming Family Session/ Casper, Wyoming/ Love & Honey Photography

Life is an adventure, especially when you have four cute boys to adventure with.  The Nicholas’s home is full of love, wrestling contests, races, laughter, jumping, super heroes, games, golfers and mini golfers.  Jarred and Christina are doing an amazing job of raising up their boys.  I love every second I get to spend with them.  I’m their grandma, so of course that makes this even better.  I always love our family photo sessions!  This time the boys wanted to go exploring on the golf course behind their house.  Ya, they live on a beautiful golf course, luckies!

Love & Honey Photograpy-6194Love & Honey Photograpy-6218Love & Honey Photograpy-6246Love & Honey Photograpy-6252Love & Honey Photograpy-6258Love & Honey Photograpy-6259Love & Honey Photograpy-6263Love & Honey Photograpy-6282Love & Honey Photograpy-6319Love & Honey Photograpy-6332Love & Honey Photograpy-6333Love & Honey Photograpy-6351Love & Honey Photograpy-6416Love & Honey Photograpy-6453Love & Honey Photograpy-6490Love & Honey Photograpy-6541Love & Honey Photograpy-6560Love & Honey Photograpy-6583Love & Honey Photograpy-6616Love & Honey Photograpy-6630Love & Honey Photograpy-6637Love & Honey Photograpy-6641Love & Honey Photograpy-6651Love & Honey Photograpy-6662Love & Honey Photograpy-6663Love & Honey Photograpy-6689Love & Honey Photograpy-6690Love & Honey Photograpy-6701Love & Honey Photograpy-6702Love & Honey Photograpy-6709Love & Honey Photograpy-6718Love & Honey Photograpy-6727Love & Honey Photograpy-6771Love & Honey Photograpy-6779

The Howard Family’s Session/ Spokane Washington Family Session/ Family Photographer/ Love & Honey Photography

This beautiful morning session was in, Loon Lake, Washington.  We walked on a wooded path among the trees.  Their little boy explored while the twins looked on.  The twins are turning one soon.  Their shy little smiles were so cute.  I love all of the family moments from this session.  The snuggles and hugs and genuine smiles as they played.

Love & Honey Photograpy-2-2Love & Honey Photograpy-2-3Love & Honey Photograpy-0414Love & Honey Photograpy-0431-2Love & Honey Photograpy-0530Love & Honey Photograpy-0552Love & Honey Photograpy-0668Love & Honey Photograpy-0695Love & Honey Photograpy-0733Love & Honey Photograpy-0752Love & Honey Photograpy-0780Love & Honey Photograpy-9330Love & Honey Photograpy-9359Love & Honey Photograpy-9373Love & Honey Photograpy-9393Love & Honey Photograpy-9492Love & Honey Photograpy-9589Love & Honey Photograpy-9616Love & Honey Photograpy-9655Love & Honey Photograpy-9673Love & Honey Photograpy-9710Love & Honey Photograpy-9749Love & Honey Photograpy-9769Love & Honey Photograpy-9803Love & Honey Photograpy-9869Love & Honey Photograpy-9882Love & Honey Photograpy-9916Love & Honey Photograpy-9994

Taylor & Veronica’s Couple Session/Anderson, Indiana/ Couple Photographer/ Love & Honey Photography


Love & Honey Photograpy-1632Love & Honey Photograpy-1635Love & Honey Photograpy-1646Love & Honey Photograpy-1661Love & Honey Photograpy-1668Love & Honey Photograpy-1739Love & Honey Photograpy-1783Love & Honey Photograpy-1813Love & Honey Photograpy-1874Love & Honey Photograpy-1895Love & Honey Photograpy-1933Love & Honey Photograpy-1980Love & Honey Photograpy-1997Love & Honey Photograpy-2011Love & Honey Photograpy-2050Love & Honey Photograpy-2086Love & Honey Photograpy-2158Love & Honey Photograpy-2160Love & Honey Photograpy-2186Love & Honey Photograpy-2209Love & Honey Photograpy-2232Love & Honey Photograpy-2284Love & Honey Photograpy-2312Love & Honey Photograpy-2316

The McCoy Family Maternity Session /Chewelah, Washington / Love & Honey Photography

Baby girl number three is soon to make her appearance in the McCoy family.  I can’t wait for her newborn session!  I think this little miss might be early.  She seems to want to be out playing with her sisters as soon as possible.  I love that I not only get to take pictures of this family, but they are my friends also. It’s so fun to get to watch their family grow.

Love & Honey Photograpy-Love & Honey Photograpy-8952Love & Honey Photograpy-8965Love & Honey Photograpy-8977Love & Honey Photograpy-8991Love & Honey Photograpy-8882Love & Honey Photograpy-8894Love & Honey Photograpy-8999Love & Honey Photograpy-9015Love & Honey Photograpy-9044Love & Honey Photograpy-9031Love & Honey Photograpy-9230Love & Honey Photograpy-9231Love & Honey Photograpy-9264

The Cornwell Family Session/ Chewelah, Washington/ 49 North/ Family Photographer/ Love & Honey Photography

We went to the top of a mountain to find this beautiful scenery, and it was well worth it.  I love the sun kissed background and the lush green of the mountain.  The Cornwell family walked up the road a little playing and a little posing for pictures.  They even found wild strawberries to eat, and wild flowers to pick.  I think it was little girl heaven.   Love & Honey Photograpy-0546Love & Honey Photograpy-0591Love & Honey Photograpy-0619Love & Honey Photograpy-0646Love & Honey Photograpy-0661Love & Honey Photograpy-0734Love & Honey Photograpy-0798Love & Honey Photograpy-0951Love & Honey Photograpy-0995Love & Honey Photograpy-1225Love & Honey Photograpy-1656Love & Honey Photograpy-7855Love & Honey Photograpy-7872Love & Honey Photograpy-8164Love & Honey Photograpy-8218

Marshall & Alli’s Engagement Session/ Chewelah, Washington/ Washington Engagement Session/Love & Honey Photography

“I can hear her heartbeat
for a thousand miles,
and the heavens open
every time she smiles…”

-Van Morrison, ‘Crazy Love’

Love & Honey Photograpy-3039Love & Honey Photograpy-3046Love & Honey Photograpy-3059Love & Honey Photograpy-3175Love & Honey Photograpy-3188Love & Honey Photograpy-3209Love & Honey Photograpy-3323Love & Honey Photograpy-3349Love & Honey Photograpy-3371Love & Honey Photograpy-3427Love & Honey Photograpy-3462Love & Honey Photograpy-3508Love & Honey Photograpy-3637Love & Honey Photograpy-3673Love & Honey Photograpy-3776Love & Honey Photograpy-3795Love & Honey Photograpy-3973Love & Honey Photograpy-3984

Isaac’s Tub Session/ Loon Lake Washington/ Family Photographer/ Love & Honey Photography

This little cutie loved his tub session.  So many bubbles to play in.  He is in such a happy little guy.  He loves to smile and giggle and follow his brothers.  I absolutely love his snugly hugs.  Little Mr Isaac you have my heart.

Love & Honey Photograpy-0014Love & Honey Photograpy-0015Love & Honey Photograpy-0018Love & Honey Photograpy-0028Love & Honey Photograpy-0065Love & Honey Photograpy-0090Love & Honey Photograpy-0098Love & Honey Photograpy-0107Love & Honey Photograpy-0125Love & Honey Photograpy-0127Love & Honey Photograpy-0131Love & Honey Photograpy-0138Love & Honey Photograpy-0970Love & Honey Photograpy-0992Love & Honey Photograpy-0996Love & Honey Photograpy-1002Love & Honey Photograpy-1018Love & Honey Photograpy-1076Love & Honey Photograpy-1089Love & Honey Photograpy-1086

The Yecha Family Session/ Colville Washington Family Photographer/ Family Photographer/ Love & Honey Photography

Families are like branches on a tree. We grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one.


Love & Honey Photograpy-1149Love & Honey Photograpy-1157Love & Honey Photograpy-1205Love & Honey Photograpy-1248Love & Honey Photograpy-1260Love & Honey Photograpy-1317Love & Honey Photograpy-1394Love & Honey Photograpy-1418Love & Honey Photograpy-1434Love & Honey Photograpy-1460Love & Honey Photograpy-1487Love & Honey Photograpy-1489Love & Honey Photograpy-1512Love & Honey Photograpy-1605Love & Honey Photograpy-1665Love & Honey Photograpy-1675Love & Honey Photograpy-1712Love & Honey Photograpy-1763Love & Honey Photograpy-1767Love & Honey Photograpy-1822Love & Honey Photograpy-1880Love & Honey Photograpy-1911Love & Honey Photograpy-1924Love & Honey Photograpy-1937Love & Honey Photograpy-1976Love & Honey Photograpy-2000Love & Honey Photograpy-2029Love & Honey Photograpy-2060Love & Honey Photograpy-2078Love & Honey Photograpy-2120Love & Honey Photograpy-2000

The Morrison Family Session/Loon Lake Washington/ Family Photographer/ Love & Honey Photography

It’s been said many times before, but no two families are alike. Your relatives may be loud and crazy, small and introspective, totally conventional, or completely unorthodox, but your family is yours. And, no matter what, your family makes up a huge part of who you are. They are the love that builds you up.  They are the one’s who have your back more than any other.  They are your unique, crazy, wonderful family.


Love & Honey Photograpy-0021Love & Honey Photograpy-0025Love & Honey Photograpy-0055Love & Honey Photograpy-0075Love & Honey Photograpy-0103Love & Honey Photograpy-0128Love & Honey Photograpy-0133Love & Honey Photograpy-0154Love & Honey Photograpy-0257Love & Honey Photograpy-0284Love & Honey Photograpy-0303Love & Honey Photograpy-0352Love & Honey Photograpy-0361Love & Honey Photograpy-0389Love & Honey Photograpy-0420Love & Honey Photograpy-0460Love & Honey Photograpy-0492Love & Honey Photograpy-0625Love & Honey Photograpy-0802Love & Honey Photograpy-0820Love & Honey Photograpy-9781Love & Honey Photograpy-9801Love & Honey Photograpy-9843Love & Honey Photograpy-9873Love & Honey Photograpy-9896Love & Honey Photograpy-9914

The Hansen Family/ Love & Honey Photography/ Loon Lake Family Photographer/ Love & Honey Photography

A little bit of crazy
a little bit of loud
& a whole lot of

1C7A91631C7A9279Love & Honey Photograpy-9156Love & Honey Photograpy-9218Love & Honey Photograpy-9283Love & Honey Photograpy-9288Love & Honey Photograpy-9293Love & Honey Photograpy-9304-2Love & Honey Photograpy-9335Love & Honey Photograpy-9342Love & Honey Photograpy-9349Love & Honey Photograpy-9366Love & Honey Photograpy-9381Love & Honey Photograpy-9387Love & Honey Photograpy-9390Love & Honey Photograpy-9454Love & Honey Photograpy-9460Love & Honey Photograpy-9473Love & Honey Photograpy-9520Love & Honey Photograpy-9547Love & Honey Photograpy-9561Love & Honey Photograpy-9578Love & Honey Photograpy-9588Love & Honey Photograpy-9612Love & Honey Photograpy-9619Love & Honey Photograpy-9640Love & Honey Photograpy-9646Love & Honey Photograpy-9659Love & Honey Photograpy-9661

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