Walter & Jaleyna’s Wedding Day/Spokane Washington Temple/Spokane Washington /Temple Wedding/Spokane Washington Photographer/Love & Honey Photography

The Temple stood beautiful in the light of the day.  Walter stood in the grass waiting for his beautiful bride to walk around the corner.  Jaleyna walked excitedly toward her groom.  She tapped his shoulder and he turned to see her.  I love this moment.  The moment they see each other for the first time.  They were both gorgeous.  The day unfolded beautifully with friends and family surrounding them on their special day.


Tim & Mandy’s Mountain Top Wedding/Colville Washington Wedding/ Love & Honey Photography

Laughter drifted down the mountain. Sifting through the tree branches flitting along like a sprite. A doe picked up her head and twitched her ears as it floated past her. The forest was alive with interest in the proceedings in the little clearing at the top of the mountain. A wedding was taking place. A beautiful wedding. A gathering of friends and family to celebrate the love of two people. She smiled up at him, and he took her hand and they walked back up the isle man and wife.

Mitch & Lexy’s Wedding Day/Loon Lake Washington/Loon Lake Washington Wedding/Wedding Photographer/Love & Honey Photography

A small breeze rustled through the trees. Winding its way through the majestic pines. While the sun began warming the earth for the day. Lexy was busily getting ready in her childhood home. While Mitch and the guys hung at the venue. In no time at all, Lexy waited in a small meadow while Mitch approached blindfolded for their first look. They stood side by side waiting excitedly to see each other for the first time on their wedding day. They turned and looked at each other, excitement, appreciation and love flashed across their faces. That was how the day started and from there on the day unfolded like a beautiful dream. The clouds floated by and the sun smiled down as the two joined together for a life of happily ever after.


Blayne & Katie’s Wedding/Chewelah Washington/Alice in Wonderland Wedding/Themed Wedding/Love & Honey Photography

Blayne and Katie’s wedding was a themed wedding.  Alice in Wonderland was the theme and there was a touch of it everywhere.  They had Momraths, teacups, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, not one but 3 Alices and a white rabbit.  It was a happy, silly, imaginative, perfectly adventurous day.  They laughed, they danced, they hugged, and two people who are madly in love were married.  “They were entirely bonkers, but I’ll tell you a secret.  All the best people are.” – Alice in Wonderland


The McCrea’s Family Session/Loon Lake Washington/Family Photographer/Love & Honey Photography

The warm evening light falling down from the shoulder of the mountain covered them as they played on the little dirt road.  Together is where they are meant to be.  Together through the ups together through the downs.  A cord of 3 cannot be broken.  Sometimes they are silly together, sometimes they are thoughtful together, sometimes they laugh together and sometimes they all yell at the same time.  They are family.  Not perfect, not imperfect, not defined by that, but defined by their love for each other.  Their up and down and all around crazy days and laughing days and crabby days and regular days, that kind of love.  The kind that says lets be together, the 3 of us, because for us together is perfect.


Gideon’s Newborn Session/Newborn Photographer/Spokane Washington Newborn Photographer/Love & Honey Photography

If you were a boat, my darling
A boat, my darling
I’d be the wind at your back
If you were afraid, my darling
Afraid, my darling
I’d be the courage you lack

If you were a bird, then I’d be a tree
And you would come home, my darling, to me
If you were asleep, then I’d be a dream
Wherever you are, that’s where my heart will be

JJ Heller, The Boat Song


{Family}/A Day at the Park/Spokane Washington/Spokane Washington Photographer/Love and Honey Photography

We hold so many mem’ries in our hearts
So close even if we are far apart
Standing on the edge of new beginnings
I can’t wait to see just what you’ll do
And every time I think of you
You make me laugh a little louder
You make me dream a little bigger
My life is so much sweeter
‘Cause you make me
Better than I would have been without you
Better than I’ve ever been before
I treasure every moment we’re together     – JJ Heller, Better


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