Carter’s 3 Month Session/Deer Park Washington Photographer/Baby Photographer/Love and Honey Photography

Oh my, oh my, oh my, Carter is just the cutest baby ever!  He was full of big grins this day.  I love the image where his mommy is kissing him and he is smiling big about it.  It’s such a sweet moment.  Carter is such a happy baby grinning from ear to ear no matter where I laid him down.  It was absolutely adorable when the kitten decided to join in.  He was curious about Carter and Carter was curious about him.  The kitten gently inspected his feet, since Carter kept wiggling them.  Carter wasn’t sure what was touching his toes back there.  Isn’t it adorable that they have the same color of hair.  I love this little session.  The whole thing makes me smile every time I look at it.


Debbie Nicholas is a natural light, life style photographer.  She enjoys helping families have fun during their sessions.  Making the moment another wonderful memory in life.  Her sessions are relaxed with lots of play and a bit of posing.  Debbie lives in Valley Washington near Loon Lake Washington.  She travels to the areas around her in the Inland Northwest for sessions also.  Some of these areas are, Spokane Washington, Deer Park Washington, Coeur d’Alene Idaho, Loon Lake Washington and Chewelah Washington.  If you would like to book a session with Love and Honey Photography, by Debbie Nicholas, call (509)680-8101 or email at  Thanks for stopping by!

Angel’s Maternity Session/Loon Lake, Washington/Maternity Photographer

As we walked she talked about her baby girl, the one she is waiting for.  She talked of her plans for herself and her little girl.  I loved listening to her already protective mommy heart.  I have known her since she was a small girl, running and giggling.  Now here she is waiting for her little girl who will run and giggle.  I can’t wait to meet her little one.  Tiny feet, tiny fingers all put together in one perfect little package, and while we walk her tummy is working to grow just that.  A sweet perfect little baby.  Congratulations Angel!


Sweet Miss Esmerelda


Glorious Summer days are the best ones for an outdoor session.  Little Miss Esmerelda was up from Salt Lake City, UT, for a visit, so we took advantage of a gorgeous day and went for a drive.  We drove around Chewelah, Washington, looking for just the right spot to hop out and take pictures.  Before we could find the perfect spot, Esmerelda decided it was nap time.  Ut oh, babies aren’t very good at waking up happy from short naps.  The session started out a little on the grumpy side, but once we went to the creek she became more lively.  This session actually taught me something of great importance, and that is to look at the flower you are sniffing before sniffing it.  I managed to snort a bug up my nose trying to demonstrate how to smell the flowers.  EEEk  I don’t like bugs and I especially don’t like them up my nose!  I’m not sure there is a polite way to blow a bug back out of your nose.  I’m pretty sure I didn’t care at that point.  Once I was rid of the bug, it was back to picture taking time.  This time with no flower sniffing.  Any way enough about my my nose, look at these adorable images of little miss Esmerelda.

IMG_0180IMG_0152                    IMG_0169                   IMG_0173IMG_0161 copyIMG_0312bwIMG_0331 copy

IMG_0370 copy

IMG_0296 copy              IMG_0326 copyIMG_0400 copy               IMG_0413 copy              IMG_0370 copyIMG_0430 copyIMG_0492 copyIMG_0517 copy



Jo’s Newborn Session/Chewelah Washington Photographer/Chewelah Washington Newborn Photographer

Oh my goodness there is just so much adorable babiness going on in this session.  I have had the privilege of doing newborn sessions for all 3 of the McCoys little kiddos.  It is so fun to finally have a girl session for them!!  Little Jo is just absolutely adorable.  To top off the fun it was a gorgeous day, so perfect for taking baby outside.  My favorite is the very last picture of this post, all though as with every session they are all my favorites.  Doesn’t she have the sweetest smile! IMG_0002 copyIMG_0017IMG_0014IMG_0023              IMG_0041               IMG_0024

IMG_0060IMG_0072IMG_0070IMG_0109IMG_0090IMG_9917 copyIMG_9726 copyIMG_9681 copyIMG_9797 copyIMG_9801 copyIMG_9984 copyIMG_9969 copy

Little Mr Robbie/Valley Washington Photographer/Chewelah Washington Photographer


Little Mr Robbie’s session was on a beautiful summer day.  The perfect time of year, the grass is green, the trees have leaves, flowers blooming and the sunshine warm on our skin.  Nothing is more fun than following a toddler around a beautiful yard capturing the joy of living.  I loved the cape his momma brought for the session.  Robbie loved it too.  I was also amazed at how sweet and gentle his dog was with him.  The dog supervised the whole session, letting Robbie crawl all over him, giving dog kisses when ever possible.  As I post this session I wish I were there right now enjoying the warm sunshine, listening to toddler giggles and smelling flowers.32293481422       23      10


58             48



Megan’s 2!! Session/Chewelah Child Photographer/Loon Lake Child Photographer/ Loon Lake Washington

Sweet little Megan Joy came to my home for a birthday session.  As a normal two year old she didn’t really want to pose, but she did want to play.  We had fun playing with balloons and looking out the sliding glass door.  Her brother even helped her a bit.  Megan’s favorite thing to do was hug her momma.  She is such a sweetie.  _MG_9835 _MG_0074 copy _MG_9758 copy _MG_9841 copy _MG_9852 copy _MG_0008 copy

Beau & James’ Newborn Session/Chewelah, Washington/ Newborn Photographer/ Chewelah Newborn Photographer

This session was so exciting to me.  It was my first newborn twins session.  I wondered, how do you get two tiny little people to cooperate?  One newborn can be a challenge. I won’t say that I did everything perfect, but I will say I learned a lot, I got to hold newborn twins and I got to meet a sweet sweet family.  I always enjoy getting to know each family.  I think my favorite images ended up being the more lifestyle ones.  The family gathered around their new arrivals still in awe of how tiny and new they were.  Their love for the babies could be felt through the lens.  To me that is a successful newborn session.  The one where you catch the real life and the real love happening right that moment.

IMG_9735 copyIMG_9683 IMG_9708 copy IMG_9682IMG_9654 IMG_9720 IMG_9631 IMG_9621 IMG_9603 IMG_9599 IMG_9591 IMG_9589 IMG_9574 IMG_9558-2 IMG_9555-2 IMG_9538-2 IMG_9529

Zylee’s 1!!! Session/Valley Washington/Child Photographer

Who’s the cute little one year old? It’s Zylee Mae! Every one year old should have a session like this. She had a cake to smash, bubble, balloons, some outside fun it was quite the session. Zylee played and played and I clicked and clicked. I love more natural, life style sessions. As long as Zylee is happy, I’m happy! 8923 36 37 45 43                              49 61 63  64  66  72  76  80 7185889195969899101102104105106107108109112

The McCrea Family Session/Loon Lake, WA/Family Photographer

_MG_1659 copy

_MG_1655 copy

_MG_1636 copy                           _MG_1566 copy

_MG_1619 copy


_MG_1517 copy  _MG_1294 copy   _MG_1539 copy

_MG_1320 copy                   _MG_1316 copy

_MG_1265 copy

_MG_1090 copy _MG_1083 _MG_1027 copy

Baby Henry and his family/Loon Lake, Washington/Newborn Session

_MG_7935 _MG_7955copy _MG_7965 copy

_MG_7974 copy  _MG_8018 copy  _MG_7978

_MG_8009                _MG_7992 copy

_MG_8078 copy_MG_8159 copy _MG_8183 copy _MG_8219 copy _MG_8265 copy _MG_8278 copy _MG_8355 copy _MG_8417 _MG_8414 copy _MG_8461 copy _MG_8417 _MG_8442 copy

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