The True’s Family Session/ Colville Washington Family Photographer/ Love & Honey Photography

Hug those kids as much as they will let you.  Life flies by so fast.  I love your adventurous fun filled family.  They remind me so much of my own.  Thank you so much for letting me tag along and take pictures of all the fun and all the crazy.  You guys are great!


The McCrea’s Family Session/Loon Lake Washington/Family Photographer/Love & Honey Photography

The warm evening light falling down from the shoulder of the mountain covered them as they played on the little dirt road.  Together is where they are meant to be.  Together through the ups together through the downs.  A cord of 3 cannot be broken.  Sometimes they are silly together, sometimes they are thoughtful together, sometimes they laugh together and sometimes they all yell at the same time.  They are family.  Not perfect, not imperfect, not defined by that, but defined by their love for each other.  Their up and down and all around crazy days and laughing days and crabby days and regular days, that kind of love.  The kind that says lets be together, the 3 of us, because for us together is perfect.


Elinor’s Mommy and Me Session/Mother’s Day Session/Loon Lake Washington/Love and Honey Photography

This little cutie is my granddaughter.  She is sooo adorable.  Catching her and mommy and all of the fun expressions in this session is my absolute favorite thing.  Time flies by and Elinor will only be this little for a short while.  Pretty soon she is going to be a big sister.  Her little brother is growing bigger and bigger in mommy’s tummy.  Aren’t these two so cute!  Grammy thinks so!


The Lambo Family Session/Manito Park, Spokane, Washington/Family Photographer/Love & Honey Photography

It was a beautiful day for a session in the park.  The Lambo family met me at Manito Park.  The park is gorgeous this time of year.  Little love was a little sleepy, and only stayed awake for half of the session.  Isn’t she a doll baby?!  Such a sweet heart.  Mommy and Daddy are definitely in love with her!  I loved getting to see them all again.  Last time it was for a newborn session.


The Kelso Family Session/Black Bay Park, Post Falls, Idaho/Family Photographer/Love & Honey Photography

I had never been to Black Bay Park until the day of the Kelso’s session.  It was a beautiful place to take pictures of a beautiful family.  As I look at the images from the day a quote from, Walt Whitman comes to mind. “We were together. I forget the rest.”  All that really matters in life as a family, we were together.


A Day with the Parkers at the Park/McEuen Park, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho/Spokane Family Photographer/Love and Honey Photography

The stars of the show for this day were 3 little girls.  The setting, McEuen Park, in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, and the moment a family getting together, and we were off.  We started right where we stepped into the park.  Three cousins excited to see each other, were ready to hug and twirl and run and laugh, and the rest of us just had to keep up with the moment.

I loved their smiles and delight as they played together.  There were some funny face moments too.  In my opinion it’s boring to always have to smile, and boring just isn’t that much fun.  My favorite is when everyone sticks their tongues out, it leads to some pretty good laughs.

Next we walked to a big field and out came the kites.  The kites were a great idea by mom, with the help of their parents each girl set up their new kite.  Then began the running, the twirling, the shouting, the laughing and even a couple of tears.  Yes tears, because this is life style after all, and sometimes in life the kite just doesn’t quite do what you want it to.

I loved watching this family have fun together.  The grown-ups running to help untangle a kite, giving out hugs where they were needed, and enjoying the moment with the girls.  My favorite was the race.  I love having a race in my sessions.  I have to say though, that Grandma surprised me here and was one of the fastest and most competitive.  It makes my heart happy to see everyone have fun even Grandma.

When we finished the session the girls ran off to play on the toys, then they were off to have lunch all together.  The session may end, but the moment carries on.

I’m thankful to know these happy hearts and to have had the opportunity to do this session.




Debbie Nicholas is a natural light, life style photographer.  She enjoys helping families have fun during their sessions.  Making the moment another wonderful memory in life.  Her sessions are relaxed with lots of play and a bit of posing.  Debbie lives in Valley Washington near Loon Lake Washington.  She travels to the areas around her in the Inland Northwest for sessions also.  Some of these areas are, Spokane Washington, Deer Park Washington, Coeur d’ Alene Idaho, Loon Lake Washington and Chewelah Washington.  If you would like to book a session with Love and Honey Photography, by Debbie Nicholas, call (509)680-8101 or email at  Thanks for stopping by!

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