The Thompson Family Session/ Spokane Family Photographer/ Manito Park/ Love & Honey Photography

The best family session is a fun family session.  One with sweet moments and silly moments.  Maybe a little running.  Definitely some leaf throwing and laughing.  A few hugs and then off to explore a little more.

Family time is the best time!
The Thompsons

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A Day on the Town/Spokane, Washington Photographer/

It was cold this day.  Oh oh oh so cold.  My husband and I are beginning to shoot together.  He has all the equipment to begin videography.  So we packed up and headed into Spokane.  Our session was a very quick one due to the wind chill.  The girls loved exploring the trains though.  We have got to go back on a nicer day.  I was playing around with my settings, because you can do that on your own sessions. 😉 So I blurred a few of my younger girls.  Don’t worry I didn’t only follow Hannah around.  I can’t wait to get out there together creating beautiful images again with my handsome hubby.  I hope the weather warms up soon.  We just have way too many ideas popping around in our heads.  Keep watch Mr Videographer will be making his debut soon!


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