Walter & Jaleyna’s Wedding Day/Spokane Washington Temple/Spokane Washington /Temple Wedding/Spokane Washington Photographer/Love & Honey Photography

The Temple stood beautiful in the light of the day.  Walter stood in the grass waiting for his beautiful bride to walk around the corner.  Jaleyna walked excitedly toward her groom.  She tapped his shoulder and he turned to see her.  I love this moment.  The moment they see each other for the first time.  They were both gorgeous.  The day unfolded beautifully with friends and family surrounding them on their special day.


Tyson’s 9 month Tub Session/Spokane Washington Photographer/Love & Honey Photography

Rub a dub dub, my 4th grand baby session in this tub!  And who do you think he be?  Tyson James, my snuggly wuggly little grand baby.  Oh how I love this little man.  He is so quick to smile.  His little eyes shine with a sweet sensitivity that says, I have a really really big heart.  He gives the snuggliest hugs, but he is also growing into a big boy.  He is following two big brothers as fast as he can.  At this session he was crawling like a champ trying to keep up with everyone.  Mommy just called me today and told me Tyson is off to the races, he has taken his first steps!  I can’t wait to see for myself.  He is coming to visit me soon.  He and his brothers are 3 of my very favorite people on planet earth.  Be still my Grammy heart, just look at all the cuteness and all of the bubbles!


Rob & Britni’s Wedding/ The Historic Davenport Hotel/ Spokane Washington Wedding Photographer/ Love & Honey Photography

Rob and Britni’s beautiful wedding day was spent at the Historic Davenport Hotel.  A beautiful hotel in downtown Spokane, Washington.  Every detail was gorgeous through out the day.  While getting ready Rob and Britni took a moment to send each other special gifts.  Watching each of them open gifts they had lovingly thought out for each other was a beautiful moment.  I love getting to save these moments for them in images.  From the I dos to the first dance, the day flowed along perfectly.  Britni walked down the isle to Rob while Ellie Golding sang the perfect words to describe their marriage,

How long will I love you
As long as stars are above you
And longer if I can
How long will I need you
As long as the seasons need to
Follow their plan
How long will I be with you
As long as the sea is bound to
Wash up on the sand
They will love each other forever and even longer.  Congratulations Rob and Britni.


Derek & Nikole’s Wedding/Lowe’s Neck of the Woods/Look Lake Washington/Love & Honey Photography

Derek and Nikole were married on a beautiful summer day at Lowe’s Neck of the Woods, in Loon Lake, Washington.  They joined their lives together as one.  Committing to be the love of each other’s life.  Their family and friends joined them celebrating the day with yard games, a s’more bar and dancing late into the night.  It was a beautiful day with a lovely group of people.


The McCrea Wedding Portraits/Deer Park Wedding Photographer/Wedding Photographer/Love and Honey Photography

When Tucker and Katie were first married the pictures they had paid another photographer to take didn’t come back edited as promised.  Katie had also missed having any pictures with her mom on her wedding day.  They felt they were missing important memories, so they decided it was time to have a redo.  It was such a good idea too.  They dressed up, and we went out and had a spectacular evening taking all kinds of creative images.  It was such a relaxing fun evening.  I invited two other photographer friends to come along to have fun and be creative, Talitha Kays, The Sycamore Tree Photography and Megan Wright, {Simplicity} by Megan Wright Photography.  Together we took turns thinking up ideas for the next pose and background.  Tucker and Katie enjoyed the evening, and so did we.  The best part of all,  now they have so many images to look back on and remember a new happy moment in life.



Jason & Melissa’s Engagement Session/Loon Lake Washington/Engagement Session

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