The Strassenberg Fall Family Session/Deer Park Washington/Family Photographer/Love & Honey Photography

Family is a beautiful thing.  A group of people who live together. Journeying through this amazing life.  Watching over each other. Growing together as they learn and discover.  Keeping watch over each other, encouraging each other and growing more and more in love as the days pass.  It’s a beautiful thing.

Clay & Brittany’s Engagement Story/Engagement Videography/Love & Honey Films

I am so excited to post this love story.  Clay and Brittany were so gracious to let us begin our journey with them.  This is our first love story with many more to come.  Clay and Brittany have a beautiful story, and I’m so excited that my husband, Bill Nicholas, recorded it so well.  LoveContinue reading “Clay & Brittany’s Engagement Story/Engagement Videography/Love & Honey Films”