The Lambo Family/ Newborn Family Session/ Spokane Family Photographer/ Love & Honey Photography

Brand new baby snuggles are the very best kind of snuggles.  They are so soft and adorable and there is nothing like the smell of a baby.  This little cutie did so good for her first session.  Big sissy of course gave her lots of snuggles in-between her dancing and twirling and exploring moments.  I loved getting to watch them all interact.  For sure they will have two little best friend sisters in no time at all.

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Arabella Rose’s Newborn Session/ Loon Lake Washington/ Newborn Photographer/ Love & Honey Photography

Little Miss Bella is so sweet in her newborn session.  Her big sister Kaylee joined her for a bit also.  She was more interested in taking the headband off of Bella and playing with the flowers.  I loved watching them.  Kaylee is doing amazing at accepting Bella and loves to give her kisses.  Two cute little girls, such a blessed Mommy and Daddy.

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Matthew Graduates from Basic Training/ Family Photographer/ Love & Honey Photography

Matthew’s basic training for the Army ended up being exactly during Gideon’s due date.  So while he was off learning how to protect his country, his wife was giving birth to their son.  Baylee was able to travel to Matthew’s graduation so she could watch him, and so Matthew could meet Gideon for the first time.  These pictures are the pictures of a family being reunited after a long time apart.  These girls love their man, and little Mr Gideon is just happy to be held by his loving Daddy and Mommy.  Back together again is where they all belong.  So proud of both of you and your journeys.  

Gideon’s Newborn Session/Newborn Photographer/Spokane Washington Newborn Photographer/Love & Honey Photography

If you were a boat, my darling
A boat, my darling
I’d be the wind at your back
If you were afraid, my darling
Afraid, my darling
I’d be the courage you lack

If you were a bird, then I’d be a tree
And you would come home, my darling, to me
If you were asleep, then I’d be a dream
Wherever you are, that’s where my heart will be

JJ Heller, The Boat Song


Baby Tyson is Here!/Newborn Session/Cheyenne Wyoming/Love & Honey Photography

This little bundle of tiny cuteness has arrived.  Little Tyson James, the James after his Great Grandpa, whose birthday he was born on.  Tyson has two older brothers, brothers who adore him completely.  Some day when he can talk he will call me Grandma.  I can’t say how sweet it is to be a grandma to these 3 cuties.  Congratulations Nicholas family on your sweet new arrival.


Welcome Little Elinor/Deer Park Washington/Newborn Photographer/Love & Honey Photography

Matthew and Baylee have welcomed their tiny little girl into their growing family.  Daddy and Mommy and Baby make three.  Tiny hands, tiny feet, little hiccups, and so many more beautiful baby things now fill their time and their hearts.  This is my son and daughter-in-law and my new grand baby girl.  I can’t even begin to say how proud I am of this little family.  I have loved watching an amazing love only God can create flame to life between these three.  This little girl is adored, protected, hugged, kissed, fed, changed, bundled anything she needs they provide.  Even a little adventure.  I can’t wait to keep documenting her life as she grows.  I love that little peanut and her daddy and mommy so much!


Little Miss D’s Newborn Session/Spokane Washington Newborn Photographer/Spokane Washington/Love & Honey Photography

Sometimes the littelest things take up the most room in your heart.  – Winnie the Pooh



Emma’s Newborn Session/Lifestyle Session/Deer Park Washington Newborn Photographer/ Love & Honey Photography

Mommy cuddled little Emma while Daddy cuddled Lily.  Lily had a fever and wasn’t feeling very good.  She did her very best to be a part of the photo session, she was so cute looking at her baby sister, and playing with the family dog.  Baby Emma gazed at her mommy.  She was the happiest when mommy would hold her and talk to her.  This session felt like peeking in on a moment in life with the Rumann’s .  I love life style sessions.  I think baby Emma prefers them also.  She really wasn’t to in to me setting her in cute little positions for her pictures.  She wanted mommy.  So we worked around that and had mommy hold her for her pictures.  It turned out so perfect.  I love every single image of this session.  The love, the peace, the joy of having a new baby, it’s all reflected back in their images.  I see a sweet family, with cozy blankets and looks of love, and the most precious little girls.  Little girls wrapped in love.



Jo’s Newborn Session/Chewelah Washington Photographer/Chewelah Washington Newborn Photographer

Oh my goodness there is just so much adorable babiness going on in this session.  I have had the privilege of doing newborn sessions for all 3 of the McCoys little kiddos.  It is so fun to finally have a girl session for them!!  Little Jo is just absolutely adorable.  To top off the fun it was a gorgeous day, so perfect for taking baby outside.  My favorite is the very last picture of this post, all though as with every session they are all my favorites.  Doesn’t she have the sweetest smile! IMG_0002 copyIMG_0017IMG_0014IMG_0023              IMG_0041               IMG_0024

IMG_0060IMG_0072IMG_0070IMG_0109IMG_0090IMG_9917 copyIMG_9726 copyIMG_9681 copyIMG_9797 copyIMG_9801 copyIMG_9984 copyIMG_9969 copy

Beau & James’ Newborn Session/Chewelah, Washington/ Newborn Photographer/ Chewelah Newborn Photographer

This session was so exciting to me.  It was my first newborn twins session.  I wondered, how do you get two tiny little people to cooperate?  One newborn can be a challenge. I won’t say that I did everything perfect, but I will say I learned a lot, I got to hold newborn twins and I got to meet a sweet sweet family.  I always enjoy getting to know each family.  I think my favorite images ended up being the more lifestyle ones.  The family gathered around their new arrivals still in awe of how tiny and new they were.  Their love for the babies could be felt through the lens.  To me that is a successful newborn session.  The one where you catch the real life and the real love happening right that moment.

IMG_9735 copyIMG_9683 IMG_9708 copy IMG_9682IMG_9654 IMG_9720 IMG_9631 IMG_9621 IMG_9603 IMG_9599 IMG_9591 IMG_9589 IMG_9574 IMG_9558-2 IMG_9555-2 IMG_9538-2 IMG_9529

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