Kaitlyn’s Senior Session/Deer Park Washington Senior Session/Love and Honey Photography

And the wind blows, and the seasons change, and life marches on, and you are in the midst.  Kaitlyn, the winds of change are at your back.  This year marks the start of new beginnings.  As you step into the next chapter the adventure is yours to write.  Your options are endless.  Be who you want toContinue reading “Kaitlyn’s Senior Session/Deer Park Washington Senior Session/Love and Honey Photography”

Rachael’s Senior Session/Spokane Wa/Senior Photographer

I was so excited for this session. Rachael and I went to Spokane and explored Manito Park and Riverfront Park. We found so many amazing settings for her senior session. Afterwards we stopped for dinner. I love a session like this where we get to really put some time into finding great backgrounds and havingContinue reading “Rachael’s Senior Session/Spokane Wa/Senior Photographer”

Brad’s Senior Session/Valley Washington/Senior Photographer

                            I love an adventure, and that is just what I took Brad on. He had to jump a creek in his tennis shoes, hoping not to get them wet. I really should warn people what they ought to expect when they follow meContinue reading “Brad’s Senior Session/Valley Washington/Senior Photographer”

Krista’s Senior Session/Spokane, Washington/Senior Photographer

                       Krista’s senior session was my first in Spokane. I had always dreamed of taking a senior and hunting all over Spokane for fun places to shoot, then out for dinner. Senior pictures is such a special occasion and I wanted it to feel that way. Krista and IContinue reading “Krista’s Senior Session/Spokane, Washington/Senior Photographer”

Ashley’s Senior Session

Ashley picked the perfect time for Senior pictures. We took off on a beautiful day at the end of summer. The weather was still warm and she was still tan. We went exploring for amazing backgrounds. I loved Ashley’s out fits she picked. This was a great senior session. Hope it’s a great last yearContinue reading “Ashley’s Senior Session”

Alex’s Senior Session / Colville, Washington / Senior Photographer

Alex is a great guy. He enjoys trap shooting and is quite good at it. His gun is one of his favorite things. He also enjoys hunting. This was a fun session for me. Alex is a relative. I had fun dragging him all over creation for the perfect location. 🙂