Kaitlyn’s Senior Session/Deer Park Washington Senior Session/Love and Honey Photography

And the wind blows, and the seasons change, and life marches on, and you are in the midst.  Kaitlyn, the winds of change are at your back.  This year marks the start of new beginnings.  As you step into the next chapter the adventure is yours to write.  Your options are endless.  Be who you want to be, go where you want to go, seek new places and new faces to add to your collection.  Search for hope, when you find it spread it.  Find the good in people and in the beauty all around you.  Make each day what you want it to be, and remember to treasure each individual moment.


Hi my name is Debbie Nicholas, and I’m a natural light photographer. I live near Loon Lake, Washington. I travel for senior sessions to places like Spokane, Chewelah, Deer Park, Springdale, Coeur d’Alene and further. The goal for my senior sessions is for you to have a relaxed session that expresses who you are. Not too relaxed though, I love a good adventure. Would you like to go to a river, hike a mountain, stand in a remote field, or maybe search out a place down town, if so lets explore. I do draw the line at sky diving, I’m not too fond of heights. I would love to help you plan your senior session, so give me a call at (509)680-8101.

Taylor’s Senior Session/Spokane, Washington/Senior Photographer

I’m so proud of this guy! Ya he is my son. I can’t believe he is already a senior. Where does time go?

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Rachael’s Senior Session/Spokane Wa/Senior Photographer

I was so excited for this session. Rachael and I went to Spokane and explored Manito Park and Riverfront Park. We found so many amazing settings for her senior session. Afterwards we stopped for dinner. I love a session like this where we get to really put some time into finding great backgrounds and having a fun time.


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_MG_4366 copy         _MG_4005 copy         _MG_3832 copy


_MG_3895 copy

_MG_4341 copy

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Brad’s Senior Session/Valley Washington/Senior Photographer

_MG_0626 _MG_0808              _MG_0691              _MG_0738bw_MG_0699_MG_0751_MG_0769I love an adventure, and that is just what I took Brad on. He had to jump a creek in his tennis shoes, hoping not to get them wet. I really should warn people what they ought to expect when they follow me around on the hunt for the perfect backdrop. Brad was such a trooper. It was great to get to know him as we tromped through the woods. I think it was worth the adventure, hope the years to follow are just as much of an adventure for you Brad.

Krista’s Senior Session/Spokane, Washington/Senior Photographer

Krista's Senior Session/Spokane, Washington/Senior Photographer

_MG_0970_MG_0974   _MG_1114   _MG_1051_MG_1044bw_MG_1159_MG_1228        _MG_1335        _MG_1389 _MG_1429_MG_11933Krista’s senior session was my first in Spokane. I had always dreamed of taking a senior and hunting all over Spokane for fun places to shoot, then out for dinner. Senior pictures is such a special occasion and I wanted it to feel that way. Krista and I had a lot of fun, and we found lots of great places to take pictures.

Ashley’s Senior Session

_MG_8945_MG_8966_MG_9140_MG_9178_MG_9116_MG_9042Ashley's Senior Session

Ashley picked the perfect time for Senior pictures. We took off on a beautiful day at the end of summer. The weather was still warm and she was still tan. We went exploring for amazing backgrounds. I loved Ashley’s out fits she picked. This was a great senior session. Hope it’s a great last year of school Ashley!

Cory’s Senior Session

IMG_2246 IMG_2229IMG_2250

Alex’s Senior Session / Colville, Washington / Senior Photographer

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Alex's Senior Session

Alex is a great guy. He enjoys trap shooting and is quite good at it. His gun is one of his favorite things. He also enjoys hunting. This was a fun session for me. Alex is a relative. I had fun dragging him all over creation for the perfect location. 🙂

Sarah’s Senior Session / Chewelah, Washington / Senior Photographer

teens 46 teens 30 teens 27 teens 16 teens 11 teens 7Sarah's Senior Session

Sarah is such a gorgeous girl. She is beautiful in every way. This was such a fun session.

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