The Butler & Nicholas Families/Family Reunion/Love & Honey Photography

Family time is the best time.  Getting together at the cabin is one of this family’s favorite things to do.  Being together down by the creek fills the days and camp fires and s’more roasts fill the evenings.  The cell phones get turned off and time almost stands still out at the cabin.  It’s why they go back again and again.  Love & Honey Photography-2555Love & Honey Photography-2467Love & Honey Photography-2742Love & Honey Photography-2756Love & Honey Photography-2800Love & Honey Photography-2841Love & Honey Photography-2963Love & Honey Photography-2987Love & Honey Photography-3067Love & Honey Photography-3075Love & Honey Photography-3169Love & Honey Photography-3180Love & Honey Photography-3395Love & Honey Photography-2524Love & Honey Photography-2480Love & Honey Photography-2462Love & Honey Photography-3118

Maya’s Birthday Session

She’s a tween!  The space between child and teenager.  The time in her life where she loves make-up and lip gloss.  She loves to wear dresses or leggings and a t-shirt.  There is no in-between.  She still wants to look at the Barbies in the toy isle.  She kind of even wants one, but she hasn’t played with a Barbie in awhile.  She is hovering in between.  Her smile, her beautifully sweet heart, her kindness to others those things are following her as she becomes a teenager.  I’m looking forward to adventures with her, outings for chocolate, trips to the mall, hiking, laughing while we watch a movie.  All of the different little connections that come with the teenage years.  She is my buddy and I am hers.  I love this girl, and I’m so thankful I get to be her mom.

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Grandpa Charlie & Grandma Laura’s Day with the Boys/Deer Park Photographer/Love and Honey Photography

Grandpa Charlie and Grandma Laura came to visit the boys for a few days.  All three of their grand babies were in the same place on the same day, which doesn’t happen very often.  It was time to record the moment.  We walked together to my favorite place in the woods.  A little path that winds and meanders through the trees.  The sun is always shining in the perfect spots here.  It is quiet and away from the noise and commotion of the day.  Here in the woods we stopped.  Grandpa and Grandma helped to get the boys all situated in the wagon.  The boys loved being together.  They gave each other hugs having fun in the moment.  Grandpa swooped up his grandson and hugged him tight.  Grandma smiled and held on tight to the little ones.  They laughed as the boys made silly faces and did silly little boy things.  The moment was just theirs.  Smiles radiated from both faces, genuine smiles of joy.  Joy at being close with each other, playing with their three grandsons.  In these moments it doesn’t matter if everyone looks at the camera, if everyone poses just perfectly.  All that matters is they are together.


Debbie Nicholas is a natural light, life style photographer.  She enjoys helping families have fun during their sessions.  Making the moment another wonderful memory in life.  Her sessions are relaxed with lots of play and a bit of posing.  Debbie lives in Valley Washington near Loon Lake Washington.  She travels to the areas around her in the Inland Northwest for sessions also.  Some of these areas are, Spokane Washington, Deer Park Washington, Coeur d’ Alene Idaho, Loon Lake Washington and Chewelah Washington.  If you would like to book a session with Love and Honey Photography, by Debbie Nicholas, call (509)680-8101 or email at  Thanks for stopping by!

Rachael’s Senior Session/Spokane Wa/Senior Photographer

I was so excited for this session. Rachael and I went to Spokane and explored Manito Park and Riverfront Park. We found so many amazing settings for her senior session. Afterwards we stopped for dinner. I love a session like this where we get to really put some time into finding great backgrounds and having a fun time.


_MG_3704 copy

_MG_3749 copy_MG_3958 copy_MG_3687 copy


_MG_3745 copy


_MG_3734 copy                                         _MG_3755 copy

_MG_3948 copy

_MG_3971 copy                                        _MG_4382 copy

_MG_4366 copy         _MG_4005 copy         _MG_3832 copy


_MG_3895 copy

_MG_4341 copy

_MG_4429 copy

Lizz’s Maternity Session/Spokane, WA/Family Photographer

Lizz's Maternity Session/Spokane, WA/Family Photographer



_MG_5253 copy     _MG_5096         _MG_5172 copy

_MG_5217 copy

_MG_5146 copy    _MG_5113 copy    _MG_5207 copyA new little baby boy is soon to arrive for this couple. They are big fans of Dr Seuss, they have almost all of his books already just awaiting this little guy. I think the down town feel was perfect for this session. I have to say I love old buildings. They add such character and texture to a photo session. Thanks Lizz for being such a trooper at 8 months a long. A cold wind joined us for the session, and we still got beautiful images.

Krista’s Senior Session/Spokane, Washington/Senior Photographer

Krista's Senior Session/Spokane, Washington/Senior Photographer

_MG_0970_MG_0974   _MG_1114   _MG_1051_MG_1044bw_MG_1159_MG_1228        _MG_1335        _MG_1389 _MG_1429_MG_11933Krista’s senior session was my first in Spokane. I had always dreamed of taking a senior and hunting all over Spokane for fun places to shoot, then out for dinner. Senior pictures is such a special occasion and I wanted it to feel that way. Krista and I had a lot of fun, and we found lots of great places to take pictures.

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