The Butler & Nicholas Families/Family Reunion/Love & Honey Photography

Family time is the best time.  Getting together at the cabin is one of this family’s favorite things to do.  Being together down by the creek fills the days and camp fires and s’more roasts fill the evenings.  The cell phones get turned off and time almost stands still out at the cabin.  It’s whyContinue reading “The Butler & Nicholas Families/Family Reunion/Love & Honey Photography”

Maya’s Birthday Session

She’s a tween!  The space between child and teenager.  The time in her life where she loves make-up and lip gloss.  She loves to wear dresses or leggings and a t-shirt.  There is no in-between.  She still wants to look at the Barbies in the toy isle.  She kind of even wants one, but sheContinue reading “Maya’s Birthday Session”

Grandpa Charlie & Grandma Laura’s Day with the Boys/Deer Park Photographer/Love and Honey Photography

Grandpa Charlie and Grandma Laura came to visit the boys for a few days.  All three of their grand babies were in the same place on the same day, which doesn’t happen very often.  It was time to record the moment.  We walked together to my favorite place in the woods.  A little path that windsContinue reading “Grandpa Charlie & Grandma Laura’s Day with the Boys/Deer Park Photographer/Love and Honey Photography”

Rachael’s Senior Session/Spokane Wa/Senior Photographer

I was so excited for this session. Rachael and I went to Spokane and explored Manito Park and Riverfront Park. We found so many amazing settings for her senior session. Afterwards we stopped for dinner. I love a session like this where we get to really put some time into finding great backgrounds and havingContinue reading “Rachael’s Senior Session/Spokane Wa/Senior Photographer”

Lizz’s Maternity Session/Spokane, WA/Family Photographer

                         A new little baby boy is soon to arrive for this couple. They are big fans of Dr Seuss, they have almost all of his books already just awaiting this little guy. I think the down town feel was perfect for this session. I have toContinue reading “Lizz’s Maternity Session/Spokane, WA/Family Photographer”

Krista’s Senior Session/Spokane, Washington/Senior Photographer

                       Krista’s senior session was my first in Spokane. I had always dreamed of taking a senior and hunting all over Spokane for fun places to shoot, then out for dinner. Senior pictures is such a special occasion and I wanted it to feel that way. Krista and IContinue reading “Krista’s Senior Session/Spokane, Washington/Senior Photographer”