The McCoy’s Maternity Session/ Chewelah Washington Photographer/ Love & Honey Photography

Tiny little Arabella Rose is finishing up her last little bits of growing before she makes her big debut.  Mommy, Daddy and Kaylee are so excited to meet her.  I love following the McCoy family from their wedding, through their first baby and onto number two.  I can’t wait for our newborn session.  It’s less than a month away most likely.  Love & Honey Photography-4894Love & Honey Photography-4900Love & Honey Photography-4910Love & Honey Photography-4931Love & Honey Photography-4944Love & Honey Photography-4950Love & Honey Photography-4961Love & Honey Photography-4978Love & Honey Photography-4991Love & Honey Photography-4994Love & Honey Photography-5025Love & Honey Photography-5085Love & Honey Photography-5111Love & Honey Photography-5126Love & Honey Photography-5157Love & Honey Photography-5172Love & Honey Photography-5178Love & Honey Photography-5209Love & Honey Photography-5258Love & Honey Photography-5314Love & Honey Photography-5381Love & Honey Photography-5437

The Nicholas Family/ Family Session/ Maternity Session/ Cheyenne Wyoming/ Love & Honey Photography

Nicholas boy number 4 is almost here!  His brothers love to talk to him every day.  In fact they count to 3 and at the same time all say, “hello baby”.  They are going to be the “bestest” friend brothers.  It’s all ready fun to watch them interact and play together.  Congratulations Nicholas family!  I can’t wait to meet Mr Baby number 4.

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Baylee & Matthew’s Maternity Session/Spokane Washington Maternity Photographer/Love & Honey Photography

A tiny new life is almost here.  Little Elinor is waiting patiently to make her appearance.  Mommy and Daddy are getting excited. The nursery is coming together, and they are nearly completely ready for their sweet little girl with her tiny little fingers and toes.  Soon they will be holding their dear baby girl in their arms, and there will be 3.  A family beginning to grow, beginning to take a shape all it’s own.  Matthew and Baylee are going to be amazing parents.  I truly can’t wait.  I am Ellie’s Grammy, and I can’t wait to hold her too.  Elinor Beverly, you have a huge family who can’t wait to show you how much they love you!  2017-04-08_00032017-04-04_00042017-04-08_00012017-04-08_00022017-04-08_00042017-04-08_00052017-04-08_00062017-04-08_00072017-04-08_00082017-04-08_00092017-04-08_00102017-04-08_00112017-04-08_00122017-04-08_00132017-04-08_00142017-04-08_00152017-04-08_00162017-04-08_00172017-04-08_0018

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