The Morrison Family Session/Loon Lake Washington/ Family Photographer/ Love & Honey Photography

It’s been said many times before, but no two families are alike. Your relatives may be loud and crazy, small and introspective, totally conventional, or completely unorthodox, but your family is yours. And, no matter what, your family makes up a huge part of who you are. They are the love that builds you up.  They are the one’s who have your back more than any other.  They are your unique, crazy, wonderful family.


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The Lambo Family/ Newborn Family Session/ Spokane Family Photographer/ Love & Honey Photography

Brand new baby snuggles are the very best kind of snuggles.  They are so soft and adorable and there is nothing like the smell of a baby.  This little cutie did so good for her first session.  Big sissy of course gave her lots of snuggles in-between her dancing and twirling and exploring moments.  I loved getting to watch them all interact.  For sure they will have two little best friend sisters in no time at all.

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Matthew & Baylee’s Family Session/ Family Photography Session/ Nampa Idaho/ Family Photographer/ Love & Honey Photography

It was the end of the day.  The few moments of light right before dark settles in for the night.  Daddy had had a busy week of college and work and mommy had had a busy week of work too.  It was time to relax family style.  Elinor had on her princess dress and Gideon was handsome in his little flannel.  It was the perfect moment for a little playing and a little snuggling with Daddy and Mommy.  Elinor is very very good at saying cheese right now.  I can’t get over how cute her super big smile is.  Love & Honey Photography-0382Love & Honey Photography-0391Love & Honey Photography-0396Love & Honey Photography-0458Love & Honey Photography-0478Love & Honey Photography-0486Love & Honey Photography-0501Love & Honey Photography-0505Love & Honey Photography-0515Love & Honey Photography-0522Love & Honey Photography-0573Love & Honey Photography-0606Love & Honey Photography-0614Love & Honey Photography-0621Love & Honey Photography-0639Love & Honey Photography-0657Love & Honey Photography-0665Love & Honey Photography-0692Love & Honey Photography-0726Love & Honey Photography-0742Love & Honey Photography-0743Love & Honey Photography-0744Love & Honey Photography-0750Love & Honey Photography-0768Love & Honey Photography-0789Love & Honey Photography-0794Love & Honey Photography-0831Love & Honey Photography-0832Love & Honey Photography-0824

Bill & Jen’s Wedding in a Creek/ Rathdrum Idaho Wedding/ Wedding Photographer/ Love & Honey Photography

Family, friends and Geocachers gathered on either side of a small creek in Rathdrum, Idaho, as Bill and Jen said, “I do.”  Their love for each other and their close close friendship was evident in their huge smiles.  These two are adventurers at heart.  One of their favorite past times is Geocaching.  They even made their own Geocache to be found by anyone who dares to adventure out and find it.  I love how their wedding was uniquely theirs with little hints of who they are as a couple through out the day.


Blayne & Katie’s Wedding/Chewelah Washington/Alice in Wonderland Wedding/Themed Wedding/Love & Honey Photography

Blayne and Katie’s wedding was a themed wedding.  Alice in Wonderland was the theme and there was a touch of it everywhere.  They had Momraths, teacups, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, not one but 3 Alices and a white rabbit.  It was a happy, silly, imaginative, perfectly adventurous day.  They laughed, they danced, they hugged, and two people who are madly in love were married.  “They were entirely bonkers, but I’ll tell you a secret.  All the best people are.” – Alice in Wonderland


The Snyder Family/Spokane Washington/Family Photographer/Love and Honey Photography

Family is not an important thing. It’s everything!   – Michael J Fox

The air was crisp on this winter day.  Everyone was home for the holidays.  Together again teasing each other, laughing and enjoying the precious time while they were all under one roof again.  They met my daughters in a park.  It was quiet as a park is in the winter.  Only the sound of the water flowing by.  Until the session began, and then the sound of laughter and playful banter floated along the air.  Each person teasing another as they set up for different shots.  I wish I had been able to meet them.  I had to learn from both of my daughter’s stories how fun this family was.  I quizzed them on how everything went.  I was home laid up with the flu.  A first for me to not be able to shoot my own session. As I sat down to download all of the pictures they had taken.  I was so happy to see beautiful images of the Snyder family.  I enjoyed every story of them teasing each other and laughing.  If there were ever a session I would choose to send my daughter on, who has never done a session, it was this one.  They were gracious, fun loving and kind.  On top of that my daughter, Hannah, was able to bless them with pictures while everyone was home for the holidays.  In return they blessed her with laughter and a relaxed fun session.  Thank you Snyder Family!


Little Miss D’s Newborn Session/Spokane Washington Newborn Photographer/Spokane Washington/Love & Honey Photography

Sometimes the littelest things take up the most room in your heart.  – Winnie the Pooh



Angelina’s 90th Birthday/Spokane Family Photographer/Spokane Washington/Northern Quest Resort & Casino/Love & Honey Photography

Angelina Lalone 90 Years Young

By: Cynthia Mann (#5 Daughter)

Angelina is the Matriarch of her large and growing family. She has 10 children (7 girls and 3 boys), 23 grandchildren, 32 great grandchildren (plus one on the way) and 1 great, great grandson! 2017-04-20_00012017-04-20_0003After losing her own mother at the tender age of 4 years old she was raised in a Baptist home for girls and longed for a family of her own. She married Alfred Lalone, an only child (he passed in 1997) and they certainly made their mark on this earth. I am amazed at how this loving family has grown and all the beautiful families that sprouted out of the Lalone tree! 2017-04-20_00042017-04-20_00052017-04-20_00062017-04-20_00072017-04-20_0008To grow up as a child of Angelina Lalone, it meant Strong faith in God, respecting our elders, a good work ethic and strong family values above all else… Mother saw to that and for that, we are forever grateful! We have passed those values on to our children and they are passing them on to their children, continuing those strong family bonds. Others outside of the family are amazed at how close we all are and others long for what we have (a family like ours). 2017-04-20_00092017-04-20_00102017-04-20_00112017-04-20_00122017-04-20_00132017-04-20_00142017-04-20_00152017-04-20_00162017-04-20_0017Mother should be very proud of this family that she started and held together, I know we are. We were very fortunate that so many of those family members were able to join us in this momentous Birthday celebration for our mother, grandmother/great grandmother/great, great grandmother and friend. 2017-04-20_00182017-04-20_00192017-04-20_00202017-04-20_00212017-04-20_0022Additionally, I am grateful that we found Debbie Nicholas/Love & Honey to capture this special time for us.  Happy 90th Birthday Mother!  2017-04-20_0023

Taylor’s Senior Session/Spokane, Washington/Senior Photographer

I’m so proud of this guy! Ya he is my son. I can’t believe he is already a senior. Where does time go?

_MG_7209 _MG_7227 copy _MG_7237 copy _MG_7255 copy _MG_7266 copy _MG_7273 copy _MG_7292 copy _MG_7349 copy _MG_7354 copy _MG_7359 copy _MG_7364 copy _MG_7393 copy _MG_7419 copy _MG_7440 copy _MG_7467 copy _MG_7471 copy _MG_7501 copy _MG_7532 copy _MG_7523 copy

Krista’s Senior Session/Spokane, Washington/Senior Photographer

Krista's Senior Session/Spokane, Washington/Senior Photographer

_MG_0970_MG_0974   _MG_1114   _MG_1051_MG_1044bw_MG_1159_MG_1228        _MG_1335        _MG_1389 _MG_1429_MG_11933Krista’s senior session was my first in Spokane. I had always dreamed of taking a senior and hunting all over Spokane for fun places to shoot, then out for dinner. Senior pictures is such a special occasion and I wanted it to feel that way. Krista and I had a lot of fun, and we found lots of great places to take pictures.

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