Clay & Brittany’s Engagement Story/Engagement Videography/Love & Honey Films

I am so excited to post this love story.  Clay and Brittany were so gracious to let us begin our journey with them.  This is our first love story with many more to come.  Clay and Brittany have a beautiful story, and I’m so excited that my husband, Bill Nicholas, recorded it so well.  LoveContinue reading “Clay & Brittany’s Engagement Story/Engagement Videography/Love & Honey Films”

Clay & Brittany’s Engagement Session/Sterling Colorado/Love & Honey Photography

This was the first engagement session my husband and I shot as a team.  Bill shot video, while I did the engagement session.  I am so excited to begin adding videography to our work.  Clay and Brittany were wonderful.  First of all they are just the sweetest couple, but they were willing to share theirContinue reading “Clay & Brittany’s Engagement Session/Sterling Colorado/Love & Honey Photography”