Selena’s 8th Grade Graduation Session/Chewelah Washington/Love & Honey Photography/8th Grade Graduation

Selena, soon you will leave 8th grade behind.  This session, this adventure we went on was to show who you are right now at this age.  You love to draw, so we incorporated a lot of images of you drawing.  By the way you are an amazing artist!  You love the color black you toldContinue reading “Selena’s 8th Grade Graduation Session/Chewelah Washington/Love & Honey Photography/8th Grade Graduation”

Jake & Amanda’s Wedding/Valley Washington Wedding/Wedding Photographer/Love & Honey Photography

Angel’s Maternity Session/Loon Lake, Washington/Maternity Photographer

As we walked she talked about her baby girl, the one she is waiting for.  She talked of her plans for herself and her little girl.  I loved listening to her already protective mommy heart.  I have known her since she was a small girl, running and giggling.  Now here she is waiting for herContinue reading “Angel’s Maternity Session/Loon Lake, Washington/Maternity Photographer”

Little Mr Robbie/Valley Washington Photographer/Chewelah Washington Photographer

  Little Mr Robbie’s session was on a beautiful summer day.  The perfect time of year, the grass is green, the trees have leaves, flowers blooming and the sunshine warm on our skin.  Nothing is more fun than following a toddler around a beautiful yard capturing the joy of living.  I loved the cape hisContinue reading “Little Mr Robbie/Valley Washington Photographer/Chewelah Washington Photographer”

Brad’s Senior Session/Valley Washington/Senior Photographer

                            I love an adventure, and that is just what I took Brad on. He had to jump a creek in his tennis shoes, hoping not to get them wet. I really should warn people what they ought to expect when they follow meContinue reading “Brad’s Senior Session/Valley Washington/Senior Photographer”