Little of all Ages

Her tiny eyelashes rest on her cheeks so perfectly when she sleeps.  His mischievous grin right before he jumps off of a rock.  The way her dress twirls when she spins.  His tiny hand in yours when you walk together.  Their tiny toes, little hands, sparkling eyes and perfect smiles.  Oh the happy goodness of childhood adventures captured in pictures.  In a blink they’ve grown and you wonder how time flew by so fast.  Let’s plan a session for your littles that best suits your family.  I would love to snap away while you make cookies together in the kitchen, take a walk in nature, play in a park, blow bubbles or pose in front of a super cute backdrop.  The options are endless.  Time on the other hand slips away with out notice, so lets plan a session soon.

Love & Honey Photography, (509)680-8101,

Children’s sessions are $250, travel fees may apply.

They felt like tangle headed adventures and sticky buns on Saturday mornings and the creek rising in the back woods and unbridled hope-an unfurling.  They felt like time embraced.                                                                                    – Ann Voskamp

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