Wedding’s & Engagements

You have planned for months and months and finally the day arrives, the moment that you have spent hours on.  Your wedding day.  As you begin to get ready in the morning, I am there recording each moment.  I borrow your dress and take it somewhere beautiful for a few of it’s own pictures.  The dress that you know is the perfect one, the one you tried on and your heart sang.  Your rings and bouquet are next.  Each tiny detail of your day that you have put so much time and effort into planning is recorded.  Then I’m back with you again while you and your bride’s maids are getting ready.  I’m watching for laughter, tears, the real emotions of the day.  Every moment captured for you.  Over to the groom and the groomsmen.  Most likely they are having fun, laughing, being silly or macho.  Snap snap snap the moment is stopped in time.  Then he is seeing you for the first time.  His eyes glisten, because you are the most beautiful woman in all of the world to him.  Time almost freezes and your eyes are just for each other.  The ceremony goes on around you almost as in slow motion.  Every moment caught on camera.  Your formal pictures with just the two of you taken.  The group all together and every member of your family on film.  Now the fun begins as you have your grand entrance into your reception.  The day flows by in laughter, toasting, cake, friends, family and so much fun.  As you dance and visit, laugh and enjoy yourself I snap away continuing until late into the night capturing your day.  Your gorgeous beautiful one of a kind perfect day.

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Wedding packages starting at $1,800 for all day.

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