You’re only a senior once.  This moment marks the end of a chapter in your life, and the beginning of a grand adventure.  I like to think of myself as an adventure photographer.  In my mind as a senior your pictures shouldn’t be just about the pose, but about who you are.  What are your big plans for life?  What are your dreams?  Who are you now?  What are your favorite things?  What do you love about yourself?  Lets find a location that really speaks to you.  Do you love to play guitar?  Do you enjoy sports?  Do you love to be out in nature?  Do you draw or write?  What ever it is that you love to do, let’s do that.  Let’s be adventurers.  The world is big and your options are limitless.  Let’s make this moment about you.

Love & Honey Photography, (509)680-8101,

Senior Sessions are $200, travel fees may apply.  (You know for trips to Hawaii, Antartica, the Himalayas.)


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