Tyler & Megan’s Engagment Session/ Kettle Falls Washington Engagement/ Engagement Photographer/ Love & Honey Photography

“And suddenly you know: It’s time to start something new and trust the magic of  beginnings.”   -Meister Eckhart Love & Honey Photography-7971Love & Honey Photography-7972Love & Honey Photography-7998Love & Honey Photography-8016Love & Honey Photography-8022Love & Honey Photography-8065Love & Honey Photography-8106Love & Honey Photography-8117Love & Honey Photography-8128Love & Honey Photography-8171Love & Honey Photography-8198Love & Honey Photography-8212Love & Honey Photography-8230Love & Honey Photography-8251Love & Honey Photography-8292Love & Honey Photography-8366Love & Honey Photography-8368Love & Honey Photography-8415Love & Honey Photography-8454Love & Honey Photography-8511Love & Honey Photography-8548

Derek & Maggie’s Session/ Loon Lake, Washington/ Washington Photographer/ Love & Honey Photography

Derek and Maggie are some of my favorite people.  I love how much fun they have together.  They are always laughing and smiling when I see them.  I’ve also seen them have a servants heart for their friends.  So, it’s always fun when I get to meet up with them and do a session.  They have a love that I enjoy capturing in photos.

Love & Honey Photography-0986Love & Honey Photography-1004Love & Honey Photography-1050Love & Honey Photography-1075Love & Honey Photography-1082Love & Honey Photography-1134Love & Honey Photography-1178Love & Honey Photography-1295Love & Honey Photography-1369Love & Honey Photography-1385Love & Honey Photography-1396

“Here’s my love letter
For worse or better
You have my heart
Forever!”  – J.J. Heller

Love & Honey Photography-1429

Jason & Claire’s Anniversary Party/Chewelah Washington Photographer/Wedding Photographer/Love & Honey Photography

Two hearts intwined as one beating heart yet separate and so different all at the same time.  Isn’t that what marriage is?  A partnership where you know the other person almost as well as you know yourself.  Your love growing deeper year by year as you laugh together, struggle together, sometimes disagree and other times decide that you are the only two on earth that do agree.  The differences as well as the similarities making your marriage unique.  The way that coming home to someone who knows you that well at the end of day just feels good.  Today was a day to celebrate their unique one of a kind love, friendship and marriage.

Jason and Claire’s anniversary party was a grand get together of family and friends.  A time for laughter and story sharing between loved ones.  A time to remember the beginning.  A beautiful moment on a pleasant afternoon full of sweetness and laughter and conversation, and all for two hearts that fell in love.2018-10-24_00042018-10-24_00052018-10-24_00032018-10-24_0001


Walter & Jaleyna’s Engagement Session/ Spokane Washington Engagement Photographer/ Love & Honey Photography

Hand in hand, heart to heart, they walked through the park in Spokane Washington.  Walter and Jaleyna are getting married soon.  They are ready for forever together.  The light in her eyes as she looks at him, and the tenderness with which he looks at her is evident in their session.  These two are meant to be, and in just a short time it will be the day they say, “I do” to each other.


Mitch & Lexy’s Engagement/Deer Park Washington Engagement/Engagement Photographer/Love & Honey Photography

Love is two tiny seeds planted deep inside two hearts.  As it begins to take root it shoots out tiny tendrils all through the soul.  These vines curl and twist eventually catching on to the other person’s soul vines.  Together they shoot up creating one single tree.  Two loves, two starts, become one tree.  As the tree grows through out life it will twist and turn it will grow great limbs.  With care and tending it will become a beautiful solid oak.  To separate the vines that began is impossible without harming the tree, and this is the beauty and the pain of love.  The two will become one (Mark 10:8).

Congratulations Mitch and Lexy may your journey be full of adventures together, may your love grow into a grand oak and may your love be blessed by the presence of the Lord in you midst.2017-12-20_00132017-12-20_00142017-12-20_00152017-12-20_00162017-12-20_00172017-12-20_00182017-12-20_00192017-12-20_00202017-12-20_00212017-12-20_00222017-12-20_00232017-12-20_00242017-12-20_00252017-12-20_00262017-12-20_00272017-12-20_00282017-12-20_00292017-12-20_00302017-12-20_00312017-12-20_00322017-12-20_00332017-12-20_00342017-12-20_0035

Clay & Brittany’s Engagement Session/Sterling Colorado/Love & Honey Photography

This was the first engagement session my husband and I shot as a team.  Bill shot video, while I did the engagement session.  I am so excited to begin adding videography to our work.  Clay and Brittany were wonderful.  First of all they are just the sweetest couple, but they were willing to share their story with us, so we can share it with you.  I love every little bit of this session.  We went to the old firehall, and then out to the wind farm, Clay works at.  I will be posting the video soon, and you will want to see their story, it’s beautiful.


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