Brad & Melissa’s Engagement Session

Brad & Melissa's Engagement Session

_MG_2247 copy

_MG_2296 copy _MG_2307 copy _MG_2305 copy

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_MG_2387 copy        _MG_2396 copy       _MG_2361 copy

_MG_2604 copy copy_MG_2547 copy copy_MG_2714 copy copy    _MG_2685 copy copy    _MG_2665 copy copyUntitled-2_MG_2812 copy copy_MG_2870 copy copy copy_MG_2977 copy copy_MG_2877 copy_MG_3014 copy copy_MG_3053 copy                  _MG_3127 copy                      _MG_3158 copy_MG_3157 copyBrad and Melissa were so much fun. They hopped in my truck and off we went. Touring the country side for some great places for their engagement session. I love sessions that free me up to find the perfect spot. These guys were laid back and so much fun. Which equaled a great session.

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