Little Mr Luka is 6 months old!!/Spokane Washington/Baby Photographer

IMG_6110 copyIMG_6108 copyIMG_6164colorUntitled-2 copyIMG_6189 copyIMG_5980 copyIMG_5927 copyIMG_5992 copyIMG_5935 copyIMG_5908 copyIMG_5880 copyIMG_5878This little man is a little sweet heart. He did amazing at his session!! I had so much fun in the book store. I love Dr Seuss. When I was young I read his books over and over and over to my little sister. I think I have, Go Dog Go, memorized now. Luka is a Dr Seuss fan too. He really liked the taste of the books he got to hold. Luka’s little Cat in the Hat hat has to top all on the list of cuteness. This turned out to be a great session, and so much fun.

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