Sweet Miss Esmerelda


Glorious Summer days are the best ones for an outdoor session.  Little Miss Esmerelda was up from Salt Lake City, UT, for a visit, so we took advantage of a gorgeous day and went for a drive.  We drove around Chewelah, Washington, looking for just the right spot to hop out and take pictures.  Before we could find the perfect spot, Esmerelda decided it was nap time.  Ut oh, babies aren’t very good at waking up happy from short naps.  The session started out a little on the grumpy side, but once we went to the creek she became more lively.  This session actually taught me something of great importance, and that is to look at the flower you are sniffing before sniffing it.  I managed to snort a bug up my nose trying to demonstrate how to smell the flowers.  EEEk  I don’t like bugs and I especially don’t like them up my nose!  I’m not sure there is a polite way to blow a bug back out of your nose.  I’m pretty sure I didn’t care at that point.  Once I was rid of the bug, it was back to picture taking time.  This time with no flower sniffing.  Any way enough about my my nose, look at these adorable images of little miss Esmerelda.

IMG_0180IMG_0152                    IMG_0169                   IMG_0173IMG_0161 copyIMG_0312bwIMG_0331 copy

IMG_0370 copy

IMG_0296 copy              IMG_0326 copyIMG_0400 copy               IMG_0413 copy              IMG_0370 copyIMG_0430 copyIMG_0492 copyIMG_0517 copy



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