The Tracy Tribe/Spokane Washington Family Photographer/Finch Arboretum/Love and Honey Photography

The Tracy’s, or as they fondly call themselves “The Tracy Tribe,” met me for a family session at Finch Arboretum.  A gorgeous park in Spokane Washington.  I think when we first started everyone was a bit worried about the session, especially mom.  Six kids can be a handful when you are trying to get them to all pose.  I remember the old days of sitting in the studio waiting in line while my own little ones began to fall apart at the seams.  By the time we started the pictures smiles were hard to get.  As photography changes and styles change I’m thankful for the new trend of life style photography.  Kids are happy and show their most natural real smiles when they are playing and free to run.  I love catching these moments.  “How about you guys race to the tree while I take pictures to see who was the fastest.”  It’s so fun to complete an entire session without the kids really ever realizing it was a session.

I have to say for this day the huge old tree was the hero of the day.  Everyone loved it.  Who can resist climbing such an amazing tree.  I can’t even imagine how many children have been in that tree over the hundreds of years it has been alive.  If it could tell stories I would be sure to sit and listen.

On this day they ran, they played, they hugged and I snapped away.  The kids each got to pick their own place to pose as well as the way they wanted to pose.  It was a fun way to get to know each one a little better.  At the end I had them sit together on a blanket and drink bottled pops while I took the last pictures of their family time together.  My hope is that it will be a fun memory for all of them, and pictures they will enjoy and cherish for a life time.

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Debbie Nicholas is a natural light, life style photographer.  She enjoys helping families have fun during their sessions.  Making the moment another wonderful memory in life.  Her sessions are relaxed with lots of play and a bit of posing.  Debbie lives in Valley Washington near Loon Lake Washington.  She travels to the areas around her in the Inland Northwest for sessions also.  Some of these areas are, Spokane Washington, Deer Park Washington, Coeur d’ Alene Idaho, Loon Lake Washington and Chewelah Washington.  If you would like to book a session with Love and Honey Photography, by Debbie Nicholas, call (509)680-8101 or email at  Thanks for stopping by!

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