The Beusan Wedding/Coeur d’Alene Idaho Wedding Photographer/Love and Honey Photography

Rob and Robbin’s wedding was absolutely gorgeous.  I was the second shooter this day for Simplicity by Megan Wright.  Megan is one of my very best friends, so shooting a wedding with her is always a great day.  I was impressed with all of Robbin’s choices for the day.  I hadn’t met her before this day, but everywhere I looked there was one more thing to ooh and aw over.  The day was just filled with beauty.  I loved the dress she chose, the flowers, the decorations, every little detail.  I enjoyed seeing how Rob and Robbin interacted, they were so in love.  Rob gave her the sweetest looks through out the day.  Love filled the air. The day was perfect, and I spent it with my best friend shooting, talking, laughing, and enjoying a gorgeous wedding.


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