Maya’s 10!/Spokane Washington Children’s Photographer/Spokane Washington/Love and Honey Photography

Maya is my little cutie, and I can’t believe she is already 10.  This year Maya loves chapstick, of all kinds.  She likes to search the internet for new kinds of chapstick I should buy for her.  She loves fingernail polish, any color is great, and the more sparkles the better!  I bought her make-up to play with at home.  She decided she’s allergic to it, which I’m ok with.  She dresses artistically.  She loves animals of all kinds.  She is often in the barn or the chicken coop if she is outside.  She is an explorer.  She has a big pink coat this year that she loves.  She loves her journal, and her new bible.  She likes to pack things with her, her special things of the day.  I find her little piles of special things on the couch, the table, her bed, in the car.  I love this season of life.  This chapter she is in.  There has been so much growth, so much change.  These next two years are going to be full of big changes, but this moment right here.  This one is mine to keep.  ♥♥♥



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