Eric & Jenn’s Wedding/ Deer Park, Washington Wedding/ On River’s Edge/ Love & Honey Photography

Rays of morning light streamed down on the venue, On River’s Edge, in Deer Park, Washington.  The day had finally arrived, Eric and Jenn’s wedding.  The day they had been planning for for months.  Every detail was in place from the beautiful flower arrangements, to the tables set with candy, snacks and fun for kids.  Jenn had thought of everything.

One thing I noticed about this couple.  They care deeply about their family and friends.  They spent the day laughing, talking, dancing and having as much fun as possible.  Jenn’s first dance was with all the little kids at the wedding it was the cutest thing ever.

Eric even got to sneak off a few times to fish the Little Spokane River that flows through the venue.  I love the pictures of Jenn fishing with him in her wedding dress from the bank.

The day over, all of their guest grabbed a sparkler and gave them a beautiful send off. Ending the day with a spectacular view of a beautiful couple on their wedding day.


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