Selena’s 8th Grade Graduation Session/Chewelah Washington/Love & Honey Photography/8th Grade Graduation

Selena, soon you will leave 8th grade behind.  This session, this adventure we went on was to show who you are right now at this age.  You love to draw, so we incorporated a lot of images of you drawing.  By the way you are an amazing artist!  You love the color black you told me, so I have made sure you have quite a few pictures in black and white also.  You are quiet, but you have big thoughts.  You are fiercely protective of the ones you love.  You are strong, you are reliable, you are helpful, you are kind, there are so many beautiful things that make up you.  My advice to you, continue being yourself.  Don’t let the world tell you who you are, you tell the world who you are!  The sky is the limit of things you can do, and who you will become as you journey into the next part of life.  So stay true to you.  You make me proud of you all ready.  I love who you are.    Just know you have been fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalms 139:14) by God just perfectly and he loves you too. You are amazing, Selena, truly amazing.


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