Mitch & Lexy’s Wedding Day/Loon Lake Washington/Loon Lake Washington Wedding/Wedding Photographer/Love & Honey Photography

A small breeze rustled through the trees. Winding its way through the majestic pines. While the sun began warming the earth for the day. Lexy was busily getting ready in her childhood home. While Mitch and the guys hung at the venue. In no time at all, Lexy waited in a small meadow while Mitch approached blindfolded for their first look. They stood side by side waiting excitedly to see each other for the first time on their wedding day. They turned and looked at each other, excitement, appreciation and love flashed across their faces. That was how the day started and from there on the day unfolded like a beautiful dream. The clouds floated by and the sun smiled down as the two joined together for a life of happily ever after.


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