Winnie & Bebe/ Pomeranians/ Pet Photographer/ Love & Honey Photography

Winnie on the right looks regal as she sits attentively watching to see what I am doing.  She is happy all day as long as she can see me, watch me, follow me every where.  She seem to have appointed herself as my ever faithful guardian.  In fact as I type this she is behind me making sure I am not attacked by any boogie monsters.  Bebe on the other hand is a bit more of a free spirit.  You can kind of tell by just looking at her.  She loves to play, tells the big dogs she is the boss at every opportunity.  She is a sneaky pencil thief, so if you would like to use a pencil at my house first you must go out side to get one.  She loves to take them out her doggy door.  Every once in awhile there is a failed attempt.  I will hear the doggy door clicking and clicking.  It is her with a pencil she just can’t manage to get the right angle on to exit through the little door.  Oh my goodness she is full of shenanigans.  She also loves to rummage through my husband’s beard in the evenings in hopes she might find a little leftover lunch.  lol.  Maybe we should advertise Pomeranian Beard Cleaning Puppies for sale.  Winnie will hopefully have a batch this spring.  I can’t wait for tiny round balls of fluff in the house again.

Love & Honey Photography-2749Love & Honey Photography-2734Love & Honey Photography-2752Love & Honey Photography-2757Love & Honey Photography-2762Love & Honey Photography-2740

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