Bethany’s Senior Session/ Chewelah Washington/Senior Photographer/ Love & Honey Photography

It’s here your senior year.  The thing you’ve been working toward since you started Kindergarten.  Now you start the next chapter.  Now you start to find even more who you are and who you would like to be.  Follow your heart, chase your dreams, don’t settle just because it’s easy.  Be kind, lend a helping hand, accept a compliment and make sure you give them out too.  It’s your turn to do new things.  It’s your turn to follow your dreams.  Be the best you you can be.  Life is full of chapters.  So don’t be afraid to write something you’ve never wrote before in your book of life.  Your adventure awaits.

Love & Honey Photograpy-6266Love & Honey Photograpy-9641Love & Honey Photograpy-9893Love & Honey Photograpy-0425Love & Honey Photograpy-0023Love & Honey Photograpy-0278.jpgLove & Honey Photograpy-0300Love & Honey Photograpy-0349Love & Honey Photograpy-0392Love & Honey Photograpy-0505.jpgLove & Honey Photograpy-0580Love & Honey Photograpy-0611Love & Honey Photograpy-0729Love & Honey Photograpy-6327Love & Honey Photograpy-6390Love & Honey Photograpy-6438

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