Caleb and Rebecca’s Engagement Session/Wedding Photographer/Deer Park, Washington/Love and Honey Photography

A letter from Rebecca to Caleb:

Caleb, the moment I met you was the moment I knew God was unfolding the desires of my heart.  The fact that God chose us to be one blesses me.2016-12-13_00012016-12-13_0002

Caleb you are intelligent, funny, compassionate, hard working, but most of all you have a heart after Jesus.


Watching you worship and listening to you sing and blow the shofar is one of my favorite things to do.  I am excited for our forever.  I love you Caleb McCoy and I’m looking forward to stealing your last name.

Love Rebecca


A letter from Caleb to Rebecca:

Rebecca, From the first time I saw you walk through the door of my church, I knew you were something special.  As I shook your hand and introduced myself, I hoped in my heart that you would stay.  When I saw you the following Sunday, I smiled to myself, as you took a seat in the back row.  It seemed you would be attending regularly.


I think people around us at the church started to notice something about the two of us.  I believe they knew God had brought you here to be with me and me to be with you.


We became friends and grew closer together and as time passed we began to court.  Around that time we began to face obstacles in our way both physically and spiritually.  Challenge after challenge seemed to come at us from every side, but we never gave up.


Rebecca, I am and will always be determined to never give up on you no matter what comes our way.  I was overcome with joy and love when I learned that you had the same heart for me.


I thank God that He kept us in His hand. Now here we stand, engaged to by married.  The journey may have been smooth at times and rough in others, but one thing remains certain.2016-12-13_00152016-12-13_00162016-12-13_00172016-12-13_0018

You are my love, you are every part of me that was missing, and you are my gift from a wonderful God, who saw fit to bless me, even when I may not have deserved it.


Thank you Lord for blessing me so.  I look forward to the day Rebecca Gene Ramsey, when you finally become Rebecca Gene McCoy.

Love Caleb


Love and Honey Photography is a fine art studio that specializes in natural light, life style, custom editorial weddings, engagements and portraiture. I offer a unique approach to what I do to create an authentic product for my clients.  We will create a session together that expresses who you are as a couple.  A session that shows your love, your laughter and the light that shines in your eyes each time you look at each other.  Capturing it all for you in beautiful and consistent work.  Debbie travels to areas in the Inland Northwest as well as further.  Some of the areas she works in are Spokane, Washington, Chewelah, Washington, Deer Park, Washington, Colville, Washington, Springdale Washington and Loon Lake Washington, as well as, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.  You can contact Love and Honey Photography at (509)680-8101 or by email at

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