Buddy & Katie’s Engagement Session/Chewelah Washington Engagement/Love & Honey Photography

The woods were beautiful the day they came for their session.  As we walked out to take pictures they told me how they felt a little awkward taking pictures.  As they walked out to where they were going to stand they were constantly talking to each other.  Whispering and laughing with each other.  I love that they are silly together, serious together, laughing together.  Letting time fly by around them while they ignore it and just enjoy each other.  This is what I see in this session.  Love happening while time flies by it unnoticed. Two happy souls wrapped up in each other, in their future together and in this time of learning all about each other.  I love getting to watch them through the lens.  These two are a match made in heaven.  Congratulations on your engagement Buddy and Kate.


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