Tony & Molly’s Wedding/ Spokane Washington Wedding/ Spokane Washington Wedding Photographer/ Love & Honey Photography

They looked into each others eyes and they said, “I do”, and that was the beginning of two lives joined together.  They kissed, and then holding hands they walked down the isle.  Their eyes were alight with the joy of the moment.  Everyone attending was excited for this beautiful couple.  The day may have had a few twists and turns. It’s possible the chapel was locked at one point while everyone was out side.  It’s possible the groomsmen had to push someone through the window to unlock the church.  These are not the things that make the day though.  They are the memories to laugh about later.  The real moments are the beautiful ones, the reasons we gather together when two people join hands in marriage and say, I will love you forever.  It is a time of celebration.  A time for joy and merriment.  A time to dance, a time to laugh, a time to dream dreams, a time to enjoy family, these are the beautiful moments that really make the wedding day perfect.  This day was perfect.  Perfectly and uniquely Tony and Molly’s wedding day.  Congratulations and may your lives be full of many many more beautiful moments together!2017-12-19_00012017-12-19_00022017-12-19_00032017-12-19_00042017-12-19_00052017-12-19_00062017-12-19_00072017-12-19_00082017-12-19_00092017-12-19_00102017-12-19_00112017-12-19_00122017-12-19_00132017-12-19_00142017-12-19_00152017-12-19_00162017-12-19_00172017-12-19_00182017-12-19_00192017-12-19_00202017-12-19_00212017-12-19_00222017-12-19_00232017-12-19_00242017-12-19_00252017-12-19_00262017-12-19_00272017-12-19_00282017-12-19_00292017-12-19_00302017-12-19_00312017-12-19_00322017-12-19_00332017-12-19_00342017-12-19_00352017-12-19_00362017-12-19_00372017-12-19_00382017-12-19_00392017-12-19_00402017-12-19_00412017-12-19_00422017-12-19_00432017-12-19_00442017-12-19_00452017-12-19_00462017-12-19_00472017-12-19_00482017-12-19_00492017-12-19_00502017-12-19_00512017-12-19_00522017-12-19_00532017-12-19_00542017-12-19_00552017-12-19_00562017-12-19_00572017-12-19_00582017-12-19_00592017-12-19_00602017-12-20_00012017-12-20_00022017-12-20_00032017-12-20_00042017-12-20_00052017-12-20_00062017-12-20_00072017-12-20_00082017-12-20_00092017-12-20_00102017-12-20_00112017-12-20_0012

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