Gideon’s 1st Birthday/ Cake Smash/ Family Photographer/ Love & Honey Photography

He is such a big boy with big smiles.  He absolutely loved having a whole cake to himself. He dug in immediately using his candle as a spoon.  It was so funny watching him.  Sissy was watching too.  She really really wanted to share the cake with him.  In the end she did and they happily sat eating cake together.  They are so so cute!  Happy Birthday Gideon!!!

Love & Honey Photography-4870Love & Honey Photography-4876Love & Honey Photography-4878Love & Honey Photography-4885Love & Honey Photography-4892Love & Honey Photography-4896Love & Honey Photography-4925Love & Honey Photography-4940Love & Honey Photography-4942Love & Honey Photography-4948Love & Honey Photography-4979Love & Honey Photography-4983Love & Honey Photography-5024Love & Honey Photography-5070Love & Honey Photography-5086Love & Honey Photography-5093Love & Honey Photography-5037

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